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    Moose Skull

    I just shot my first bull moose and want to have the skull cleaned. My ultimate goal is to do a European mount. My Dad is a wood worker and he has agreed to make the plaque, I just need to find someone in the Anchorage area to take care of the skull. I would appreciate any recommendations...
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    Valdez in April

    I am looking for any ideas or information on fly fishing Valdez (fresh or salt) over the next week. I found myself here for a week, and I brought some gear with me to do some fly fishing. I was hoping to get any ideas where to go this early in the season. Thanks in advance, Dan
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    Matsu Driveway Permit Question

    I am looking to start building on my property out of Talkeetna this summer. I understand we have a couple things we need to do prior to building first, such as get the property surveyed, file a driveway permit, then construct the driveway. My questions are: Does anyone know a reputable surveyor...
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    Chena River Salmon

    I was just curious when salmon start showing up in the Chena River. I haven't heard any reports and have very little knowledge of the lower River. I will be fishing behind my house on Ft Wainwright so I won't be poaching anyone's fishing holes. Feel free to pm me with any information that you...
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    Cut, crown, and threadding a barrel in Fairbanks

    I just received a Ruger American 308 and was looking to have the barrel cut from 22" down to 18 inches. With that, I was also looking to have it re-crowned and threaded. I will keep a thread protector on it until my kids are old enough to go big game hunting with me. Does anyone in Fairbanks do...
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    Grouse hunting Main Post

    Has anyone hunted grouse, ptarmigan, or hare on main post of Ft Wainwright? I'm going to be heading out there this weekend to try and get some with my .410. The area looks like it should hold a lot, I guess we shall see in the morning. I've always used either a .22 or #4 shot for the birds...
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    Fairbanks Rafting Supply?

    I inherited a raft from my father-in-law, and was finally able to get it inflated and set up the frame. Unfortunately, the frame is missing a couple key components (oar locks and mounts). Does anyone know of a place in the fairbanks area where I would be able to find such parts? Also, I am...
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    Weekend/Day Floats?

    After 10 years away from Alaska, I finally got the Army to send me back to Alaska. I am, however, at Ft. Wainwright, where everything is new to me. I am looking for a couple good weekend or day floats in the area to take my family, which includes 2 young children. I just inherited a 16' raft...
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    Inboard Boat Salvage

    I'm looking for am aluminum river boat hull between 17-19' with an inboard. I was wondering if there are any boat salvage yards for boats, because i want to strip the engine and the jet unit out and do a little customization on it. But any information would be greatly appreciated. ~Dan
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    Rotory engine in a jet boat?

    Mazda makes that rotory engine that runs hot, at 9,000+ rpm's, has anyone ever heard of these put into a boat? In the 80's, Mazda was criticized for putting these engines in their vehicles because the 2 cylinder rotory engines performed like a sport V8. I would imagine having one of these...