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    English Setters

    I have never hunted with an English Setter but I hope to in the future. With this guy, names Riley and hes a brother to Hoyt's Sitka. looking forward to many hunts together.
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    2010 Tundra

    I have been thinking about buying a Tundra LT 550 To use off the beaten track and took a look at the changes Ski Doo made with the 2010 models. Looks to me like they made some good changes. The front suspension went back to a telescopic type. Less parts to bang up when hitting objects under the...
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    One Pair Of Shootout Tix Free To Active Duty Military

    I have two tickets to the Great Alaska Shootout that I wont be using . They are for Fri. Nov. 28 12pm & 2pm. I would like to give them to an active duty member of the military. First caller gets them. My cell 230-8709
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    I am thinking about subscribing to it so I thought I would ask . Does any one here in the valley subscribe to this and are you happy with the service? PM me if you like Thanks
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    Talkeetna SAR

    Saw this on the dps trooper dispatch sight . Location: Talkeetna Case number: 08-72452 Type: Search and Rescue Text: On 8-29-08 at approximately 1733 hours, Troopers and Mat-Su EMS rescue personnel responded to a report of a boat that had overturned in the Talkeetna River with three...
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    What Poles For An Arctic Oven

    This is a question for the Arctic Oven owners out there. I recently purchased an AO10 and I was going to do the pole upgrade but they didnt have any in stock and said they will have some around the end of Aug. So having this extra time to think about I'm wondering if the pole upgrade is really...
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    Sportsman 6x6 Bolt Pattern ?

    I have an 06 Sportsman 6x6 that Im trying to find out what the bolt pattern for the rear wheels are. I know the fronts are 4/156 but the rears look smaller and I dont know how to measure them. This is needed so I can order some spacers if available. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks
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    Any Cell Coverage On The Deshka ?

    This June Im going to float Moose creek from the Petersville rd. bridge on down to the mouth of the Deshka. Does any one know if there is any cell coverage on this trip or do I need to rent a sat. phone ? I looked at the acs coverage map but it looked kind of iffy.
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    Left Over Scope Needs New Rifle

    I have a custom Rem 700 in 338 win mag that is a work in progress and it currently has a Leupold VXIII 2.5-8x36. Also a Rem Ti in 7mm saum that is wearing a Leupold FXIII 6x42. I just ordered a Zeiss Victory Diavari 2.5-10x42 to put on the 338 . The VXIII 2.5-8 is going to the 7mm so that...
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    Ruger Charger

    I stopped at a sporting goods store today to look at some scopes and the gent behind the counter asked if I had seen the new Ruger . He showed me a hand gun based on a 10/22 that had a laminated stock and a bi-pod. I was thinking this could be a fun gun to have. On the way home I decided to call...
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    October On The Denali Hiway

    Took this photo from the Buttr Lk. area in mid oct. Wishing for a better camera outfit from santa so I can try to do justus to views like this.
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    What One Powder For Two Cal.

    This past year I've picked up a couple of new rifles. One is a Rem. 7 mm saum and the other is a 338 Win Mag . I'm wanting to work up some loads for these using Barnes TSX bullets. 140 gr for the 7 mm and 225 gr. for the 338. I dont have a barnes manual at this time so I was wondering if any...
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    Polaris 6X6 Sportsman Info.

    In one of my earlier posts I expressed my interest in the Bomb 400 outlander . Im starting to lean more towards buying a Polaris 6X6 Sportsman. I was wondering if anyone out there that has one could give me some feedback on theirs. Both the good and bad . If I get one I may buy the tracks also...