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    Kenai Camp Gronds

    Hello, Can anyone tell me why This fall the only campground open is Russian river with two loops?:mad:
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    Silvers in the russian river

    Hello, Any report on catching silvers on the Russian River? JAZZ
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    Fox shocks rebuild

    Hello, Does any one know who rebuilds std. Fox shocks in the Anchorage / Mat-Su area ? JAZZ
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    Upper kenai reds

    Hello, Were are all the health Reds on the Kenai ? I fished by Jim's landing and landed nothing but spawned out ones. Are the all still possibly in the lake? J***
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    Quartz creek

    Hello, How many of you are camping at quartz creek this weekend? I booked on line in January and yesterday I received a email requesting more info and I noticed in the pets section it now says no dogs. When i booked in January it said dogs must be on leash so what is the deal ? J***
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    Electric motors

    What size electric motor do all of you think for a 16 pelican scanoe. Im thinking like 55 lb thrust. J***
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    Fox shocks rebuild

    Who do you use to rebuild your shocks ? I have a set of standard FOX shocks I need to get rebuilt on the wifes sled.
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    sled insurance

    Who do you insure your sled's with locally ?
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    Mauser m 98

    Does any one know of any gun smiths that work on mauser actions ?
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    Blaser RS8

    Hello, Does any one know anything about The Blaser RS8 or have any postive or negatives coments about the rifle. I am considering buying one but I need to know the pros and cons of the design. JAZZ
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    lost pelican sconoe and gear.

    Hello, I lost my scanoe in hiden lake on aug21 and all my gear if any one recovers any thing like my tackle box or scanoe its self or motor I would be willing to pay reasonable fee for recovering it . John home 694-8280 cell 242-1202 email [email protected]
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    Team racing clutch

    Hello, Has anyone ever rebuilt a team secondary clutch. Mine is broke and I am having a hard time getting it a part. I have unbolt the helix but it will not come out to start taking it apart. JAZZ
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    Ruger red hawk

    What do you all think about porting a Ruger red hawk? My wife hikes a lot and is having a hard time shooting 320 grain and I cant feel confident about her using it with a good of enough grain built to slow a bear down. Please respond talk to your spouse and see what she thinks...
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    2008 bowtech comander

    Hello, I just got a new 2008 Bowtech commander for X-mass and I was looking for some help on what sight to buy and rest ?
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    parker bows

    Hello, I was wondering what you think of Parker bows and the model Phoenix?