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    Who to order seafood from??

    Any suggestions for shipping to PA. -I have used Eds Kasilof for processing while in AK Any other suggestions? Thanks
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    Dead moose-- free

    I have a dead moose free for the taking. It died yesterday, apparently of natural causes. I called Fish & Game to come and get it. Apparently, moose are a natural resource and belong to everybody, until they die, then they belong to whoevers property they die on. So, according to Fish & Game...
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    TSA uhhh!! losing firearms

    Checked on USAIR in PA than to Alaska Air in Vegas --Anchorage 1 bag out of 4 ---Three days later--- three bags out of four --last bag who knows??? The "funny" part is the "lost" bag was the most valuable We figure 2500.00--- 2 handguns- 2 ross fly reels -fly rod --rain gear-etc. Called the...