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  1. bird-dog

    Harold Koh Was Confirmed Yesterday

    Friday, June 26, 2009 It's a sad day as we go on hoping it will go away - The Senate confirmed this week, by a vote of 62-35, a gun banner that stays up at night thinking of ways to impose more gun control upon American citizens. Harold Koh is that gun grabber, and he was confirmed yesterday to...
  2. bird-dog

    In Need of Puppy Training Assistance - PLEASE!

    Hello all, I know this is a long one…But please - I need some puppy help! I’m in need of assistance or input from some seasoned dog trainers! I have a German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) puppy that is 9 weeks old as of 20 Dec 08. I had a GSP 3 years ago that passed away on the operating table at...
  3. bird-dog

    T/C Arms Sale - Pistol or Rifle?

    Hello, I have a question about the Thompson “Pro Hunter”, G2, or even the contender for that matter! I have been hearing different opinions that it has to be purchased as a handgun? Even if the receiver was purchased with a rifle stock connected to it and also comes with the rifle fore grip...
  4. bird-dog

    Kimber Model 84M Montana

    Hello all, I have been thinking about buying a Kimber 84M "Montana". However, for every good report I read about the Kimber I read 3 bad ones...Light primer strikes, ejection problems, accuracy problems, and so on. I would like to hear the opinion of people that own Kimbers and if they would...