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    2012 Copper River Trip Report Thread

    Thanks sikes, That's the truth about them being dang near worth their weight in gold! I think that's the only reason momma lets me go down there. Her and our daughter love those reds! We now have the deep freeze half full of reds and the other half is waiting for a moose come this Sept. We were...
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    DM788 FMA (Fairbanks Management Area) Antlerless Moose hunt

    I know this is a long shot, but has anyone seen any antlerless moose hanging around in the FMA. Last year it seems that's all I saw and now that I got the permit I haven't seen one in the area to save my life. :banghead: I've seen 3 spikes and a small bull but nothing without antlers. I would...
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    I know you really can't see all of the color on these two Scoters but I said I would get a pic up for you to see. So here they are. P.S. And I have to agree with DuckSlayer56, they taste good if you cook them right....
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    Chitina/Copper River dipnet trip this weekend

    I know this is a really short notice, but my buddy got told yesterday he has to work this weekend. I'll be leaving from Fairbanks friday morning around 1100 am. I have quad cab chevy truck and should have room for two maybe three people if anyone is interested. I"ll be returning to FBX Sunday...
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    Any waterfowl hunters in the FBX area

    This is short and sweet! I'm looking for some waterfowl hunters in the Fairbanks area to join up with. I can't say I'm a great bird hunter or have years of experience because I'm not and I don't. But I love to hunt and I have always wanted to hunt waterfowl and never had the chance.