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    Copper river kings

    I'm starting this thread to focus on the king problem or solution I tried this in the past with very little response. .. I'm still trying this year it means more than most because no king from the beginning...I love the king ... such a beautiful amazing fish and they taste so good... and are so...
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    Canning salmon...

    Just got back from chitina. ..have some salmon to can ...just curious. ..anyone have any suggestions on what to put in the jars with the fish ? I'm not smoking it first ...thanks
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    Klutina kings

    Anyone been to the klutina river lately? Or heard how the king fishing is?I would like to go soon.... its such a long drive from Fairbanks. ...when I go I'll post for next guy....thanks
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    Copper River kings

    kings are having a hard time in most river systems in Alaska ...Copper River is no exception...if you have any ideas or solutions or constructive criticism or observations or facts or stories or what the heck even recipes pertaining to Copper River Kings let's share them here....let's give this...
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    here we go again dipping on the copper

    I guess I'm a little early to be thinking about it too much.... after all I still have my burbot lines on the river.... ice starting to rot pretty good so won't be long and I'll be done.... back to dipping.. looks like red run is better than last year... the bad year for Kings is supposed to be...
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    anything and everything about the Copper River king salmon

    the king salmon.... this tasty beautiful amazing wonderful magnificent strong fish.... that to me so much represents the spirit of Alaska... seems to be in big trouble... not only on the Copper River but in so many river systems in Alaska... I'm trying tto start a dialogue and hopefully keep it...
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    anything and everything regarding overescapment of salmon issues

    I feel it would be nice to see threads stay somewhat true to their intentions enough said on really amazes me that there are those out there that think over escapement is a those people I say..there is only so much food in a lake how can it support an unlimited amount of...
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    whats the most fish caught with one scoop in copper?

    I'M curious.....I bet it was in the last 2 weeks or personal best was about 15 years ago ...8.. OK i'll start it a friend said a guy in there party got 10...after watching how easy the guy on the video got 8 I bet the number is up there..u do get special points for kings in the net
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    the big one that didnt get away by bridge

    A +200 pounder....they tried to get the wheel back that the flood dragged from the far end of the fish wheels along with its supposedly 6,000 pound concrete anchor across the river just above the bridge on the town of chitina side of the river. I talked to the owner he said he had a plan no...
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    dip net reports from chitina or from those who just returned

    I have come to chitina this amazing spiritual and somewhat magical place to bless the water and say a prayer that my brother and sister dippers have a safe and prosperous trip this year. I arrived this morning water is high but seemed to have gone down some it was hot and sunny today and watter...