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  1. gutleap

    Lake Trout Video

    A video I put together of the last 4 lake trout that a buddy and I caught this past week on an Alaskan interior lake.
  2. gutleap

    Lake Trout

    My buddy and I caught A few lakers from this past week. Thought we would share with our fellow hardwater enthusiasts.
  3. gutleap

    crosswinds lake burbot

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  4. gutleap


    Nice burbot from an interior lake
  5. gutleap

    RM764 in 20A

    Was wondering if anybody is thinking of doing this hunt before the snow gets too deep. I talked with F&G last week and they have no reported harvests as of yet. You are required to report within 5 days of a kill so I don't think anyone is hunting. The river is as low as I have seen it in the...
  6. gutleap

    CV Boot Guards

    I was sick and tired of always replacing those cheap plastic CV boot guards that are stock on the 4 wheelers. So I fabricated some out of 1/4" aluminum plate. These should last a long time.
  7. gutleap

    Camp Grill

    Fabricated this portable camp grill. It comes completely apart for easy transport. The grill slides out and can be raised or lowered depending on the coals you are cooking over. When done cooking, it can easily be slid away from the fire.
  8. gutleap

    Fabricating a deck over trailer

    Day 1 of trailer build. Top frame layout and squared up. Trailer is 20' long and 8.5' wide. Will have Tandem 3500 lb axles with brakes on both axles. Takes up most of the space in my small shop. Both the top and bottom frame is 4" c-channel. The stringers are 2" X 2" X 3/16 angle. The...
  9. gutleap

    Haul Road Wolverine

    I saw this wolverine on the Haul Road the other day about 120 miles south of Prudhoe Bay. I wish I would have had my rifle with me as I could have stepped off the road and dispatched him. He was a dark black with chocolate covered shoulders. Would have made for a nice mount.
  10. gutleap

    Trapping in the DHCMA

    I pose this question so our collective thoughts perhaps will form a consensus. Is trapping allowed in the Dalton Highway Corridor Management Area? I can find nowhere in the trapping regulations that state trapping is not allowed in the DHCMA. The hunting regulations clearly state that it is...
  11. gutleap

    Some lakes are froze

    Went by Birch lake today on the Richardson Highway and it is completely froze over. Little Harding lake is also froze over. Won't be long before the ice is thick enough to get on and try some hardwater fishing. Yea!!
  12. gutleap

    Klutina River 2012

    Highlights from our annual trip to Klutina River. Great times with good friends.
  13. gutleap

    Quadruple Sharptails

    Was able to harvest my first sharptail grouse a few days ago. Myself and fellow forum member JediMasterSalmonSlayer went out on Thursday to a spot outside of Delta Junction. It was a brisk clear morning with temps below freezing. We covered several miles and encountered multiple coveys of...
  14. gutleap

    transporting fuel into hunting camp

    I built a new meat wagon this year and fabricated a steal fuel tank to mount on it. I was sick and tired of wearing out my plastic gas cans every year. On my old meat wagon I fabricated a rack that I would put my plastic gas cans in. Those plastic cans would wear a hole in the bottoms or...
  15. gutleap

    Modifying my 20' flat bottom hunting boat

    Decided to do some major modifications to my hunting boat. I cut slats in the bottom of the boat from the front to the rear and welded 2" aluminum angle over them so water will drain all the way to the back. Will make cleanout much easier also. Fabricated and welded in a tunnel for my jet...
  16. gutleap

    Harding Lake: Last day of fishing for the 2012 season

    Went out to Harding Lake today with my good fishing buddies, AlcanRon, JedimasterSalmonSlayer and Bigcox. Today was the last day we were going to fish this lake for the winter of 2012. Only one fish brought to the surface by the Jedimaster. A real nice char. It was a most enjoyable day spent...
  17. gutleap

    Lake Troutitis - there is no cure

    What is Lake Troutitis? It is an affliction one has after landing their first trophy lake trout. Once you hook into a beast from the depths of any lake, you are hooked for life. There is no known cure. The following video was filmed on Harding Lake during the spring of 2011.
  18. gutleap

    Check out this new software! Klutina River Sockeye

    For all of those that enjoy putting together some video from time to time, check out this software. It is full feature and does just about everything you can imagine plus it has video tutorials to teach you. It is called The learning curve is short and the price is...
  19. gutleap

    Look at these Dinkers!!

    AlcanRon and myself went to our favorite lake today in hopes of hooking into a monster laker or char. Ron caught a 28" and a 31" laker. The only thing I caught was the opportunity to photo Rons fish. It sure was fun to watch Ron hook into these beauties of the deep. As a matter of fact, Ron and...
  20. gutleap

    Check out these fish!!

    Fellow forum member Sapper27 and myself hit Harding lake today. It started out with the fish real finicky. Then around mid morning, I hooked into a laker and then a char about an hour later. The rest of the day was slow until we were ready to pack up about dark. Then Shawn was going to...