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    Is it time to bury the hardware?

    Maybe. I think everything is over-done. I'll just bury half of it for now.
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    RCBS Progressive upgrade, volunteers needed in Anchorage

    Hi There; I am selling detent and spring upgrades for the RCBS presses, and I need to make a demo video, as well as see which models use the same detent spring well and ball. I will give you the upgrade for the trouble. I would like to visit a Pro 2000 press, and a piggyback. run a few...
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    Dillon 550 I need to pet one...

    Hi all, I have a machine shop here in Anchorage, and I am making single stge diversions for Dillon presses. I need to see a 550 in person to verify dimensions. Will bring specified beer. Please drop a line to [email protected], or call 562-6873 Thanks Mark
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    Would you join a Reloading Club???

    I am trying to form a club.. What I want is a world class reloading room where members can come and use all the best gear and collaborate. What I see is setting up AT LEAST a dozen stations with single stage and progressive machines, including pistol, rifle shotgun... Possibly a nice...
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    Reloading club

    Hi there; I have been an avid reloader for many years. I am trying to form a reloading clubroom. I have a dozen presses, tumblers, casting equipment... Dillon, Hollywood, RCBS, Powder by the ounce and every powder in stock that you could think of..., a coffee pot that never runs out a...
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    WTB one single round... .338 RCM

    Hi Guys; I need a single round of .338 Ruger Compact Magnum...for my gunsmith, I sure don't need a boxfull until I commit to the build project. Anybody got one in Anchorage? Thanks, Mark
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    .338 Federal

    I am looking at purchasing the DPMS AR-10 in the .338 Federal as opposed to the .308 I originally appears to me that they load up the .338 Federal to meet the .308 ballistically, so it flys about the same but delivers a bit more punch making it into a more utilitarian round. I...
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    TC can kiss my butt

    Well...that covers it. Thompson/Center makes inferior products. I am posting to warn all my fellow Alaskans. I bought a Pro Hunter in 300 win mag and it will not perform. This is junk iron. TC has sent 3 replacement barrels,they would be better as tent stakes. Buy ANYTHING else. Mark
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    Gun Blueing

    Hi all; I want to blue my stainless Casull. Just like blue better, and less flash. I am considering the project, but it doesn't make sense for one gun. Also another setup is required for regular chrome moly steels, one more tank minimum. I am looking for letters of interest in a joint...
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    Wanted: 300 WM Chamber Dimensions

    Hi there; I tried surfing for the Chamber Dimensions and tolerances. Lots of cartridge dimensions...everywhere. Those don't tell me what I am trying to determine, looking for the machine drawings and specs. I will be making a chamber cast, but I don't know what clearances are normal...
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    Brass & Money

    Hi there; I am just about ready to buy some brass...but got to looking at all the threads and now wonder what to buy. There's been a few discussions, but nobody really hit the subject hard. In my 300 Win Mg, I have stuck to WW In the 454 I have the FAA stuff, no longer in production...
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    45 ACP LSWC Feeding problems

    Hi there; I'm having a bit of hanging problems with this particular bullet. It's a Lyman #452488 190 or so grain as cast. Taper crimped to .470" OAL 1.192" about 1/16" Shy of the ball load next to it. It's all I can hang it out or the lube will be exposed. I feathered out y frame to...
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    Cast Bullets & lubesizing

    Hi all; Ok, just got done casting and lubesizing a couple thousand rounds in various sizes and weights.. There's always at least a bit of lube on the base of the bullets after it comes out of the lubesizer. I am thinking that each bullet base should be de-greased prior to seating as it will...
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    Hi there; Looks like RCBS is the leader in autoscales at $409.00 compared to the less expensive Lyman at $369.00 Anybody have any advice? Thanks, Mark
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    .50 BMG falling block

    Hi there; I received a book including drawings for a Big 50 single shot last xmas. There was a video to complement it which I just purchased and I was aghast at the old fellows machining techniques, however, the old fart gets the job done. Anyway, the biggest thing I don't like is the...
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    .45 SAA Colt Peacemaker

    Due to the responses to pop can defense loads for my 454, I am now getting interested in buying a Peacemaker. ( Buy another gun? Unthinkable...) Not many listed in our swap-n-sell, and I could live with a beat up one so long as it shoots well. I can't afford the pretty one. But I...
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    454 Casull Pop can protection loads.....

    Hi there; I really like my 454 a lot, and shoot it quite a bit. But even the reduced loads published are nothing to sneeze at. I went through about 70 rounds of the stuff, H110 behind 250 grain jackets...I just wear out after a while. I was thinking of something like 5 grains of red dot...
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    Hi there; I can't tell if I can try to sell my rifle here or it allowed? Thanks