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  1. Arcticmayhem

    Loads for 32-20

    My dad and I are going to try loading some bullets for his 110 year old Marlin 1894 lever gun. We got some starline brass and some 95 gr lead bullets, but the load data has been a little inconsistent and hard to find. I have Unique, 700x, and H110 on hand for pistol and shotshell loading, but I...
  2. Arcticmayhem

    Anchoring out from shore

    Does anybody have a method for anchoring a boat out past the low tide line, but still retrievable from shore without a dingy? As an example of what I mean, let's say you want to spend some time on shore or even camp out overnight, but the tide is going out. What do you do? If you leave the boat...
  3. Arcticmayhem


    Took my 357 out this afternoon to try out some new handloads. Before I tried the new loads, I decided to shoot up the last of some loads I made a few months ago. 110 gr. HDY XTP over 6 gr. Unique with a CCI 200 primer. This is a very mild but accurate 357 mag load, but is still hotter than a 38...
  4. Arcticmayhem

    Reloading .410 shotshells without a press

    I was talking to Greythorn3 the other day and he mentioned how expensive his .410 was to shoot, so I decided that I should share this easy way to reload .410 shells with common tools. Most people don't shoot their .410 enough to justify spending $150 for a press, but $10+ for a box of shells...
  5. Arcticmayhem

    Tangle Lakes Fishing

    I was in there last fall helping my dad pack out his caribou. I fished the stream between the lakes on the first week of September. It was big fat Grayling on almost every cast even with the ratty old fly I put on. I only threw a few casts when we stopped for a break, but I might have to spend a...
  6. Arcticmayhem

    Successful Ptarmigan Hunt

    Yesterday my brother-in-law and I went riding up north. I decided to bring my new Rossi 22/410 in my backpack. After we got about 5 miles back, I saw some ptarmigan tracks and took a swing through the scrub and flushed about 75 birds. I strapped on the snowshoes, loaded the gun and chased the...
  7. Arcticmayhem

    Country boy question

    I hope this question isn't too stupid but I have been wondering about this since I bought a house in Wasilla. Where I grew up, our back yard picnic table doubled as a shooting bench. We shot ducks off of our front lawn waterfront. The only firearm restrictions were self imposed to not shoot...

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