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  1. BrentC

    The highlights of my musk ox hunt.

    He was paired with another mature bull. We spotted the two bulls from a half mile away and got glass on them. We could immediately tell that they were both mature bulls. We made a move on them with my hunting partner taking a flanking position. I made a final stalk to 28 yards, picked my bull...
  2. BrentC

    The highlights of my musk ox hunt.

    Congrats! Great bull! I went transported with James just before the pandemic three years ago. I arrowed a fantastic bull. Great memories for sure.
  3. BrentC

    Barnes 375 cal Tipped TSX

    I just picked up a box of the new 250 grain Barnes TTSX fo the 375. I'll be trying it in the 375 Ruger with RL17. I'm thinking I'll be able to push it past 2900 fps without issue. If they shoot as well as the 270 grainer, they should work well in extending the range a bit for longer range elk...
  4. BrentC

    Another fine spring bear hunt

    Well, like many have experienced, it's hard to come home to reality after a good hunting trip. Even though I make an annual spring bear hunting trip, I can never schedule enough time to hunt bears. This year's bear hunt was another gem. We ended up on the Prince William Sound for a 10 day...
  5. BrentC

    375 Ruger RL17

    I did some mroe shooting today to test performance with the 375 Ruger with 260 Accubonds and RL17. I started by loading up 3 loads at charge weights in half grain increments from 83 grains to 84.5 grains. I was pleased with the velocity I gained over H4350 in a comparable load. I was also...
  6. BrentC

    I'm a believer!

    So, after reading so many good reports about RL17 I figured I'd get a pound and give it try in a couple of my rifles. I never expected the results I got. The two rifles I took out were my Browning A-bolt Stainless Stalker in 300 WSM and the other was a Browning A-bolt 270 Win. To introduce...
  7. BrentC

    Black Bear Down!

    Here is my blackie from the PWS this year. We registered bait stations and hunted beaches and hillsides. After helping to fill a couple tags for other hunters in our group I was finally able hunt for myself, and on the 6th day of our 8 day hunt I finally found the bear I wanted. The hide is...
  8. BrentC

    Another fine performance - .375 Rgr/270 TSX

    Here is another testimonial on how well My 375 Ruger performs with the 270 grain TSX. I have been loading it with 74.5 grains of RL15 and pushing it to around 2750 fps. This combo has been lights out for everything I have taken with it. Much like my Valdez Black Bear earlier this spring, this...
  9. BrentC

    45/70 ammo comparison

    I did an ammo comparison with the Leverevolution 45/70 vs. the Buffalo Bore 300 grain JFN rounds. Overall, I was surprised with some things and not so much with others. The surprise are that the Leverevolution is down right slow. This ammo Chrono'd at a measly 1850 fps out of my marlin...
  10. BrentC

    My Wife's Bear

    My wife killed her first bear over the weekend. She ended up shooting him at around 80 yards from a Manfrotto tripod fitted with the GunClaw. I had her shooting my handloaded 140 gr Accubonds out of a .270 Win. She made a great shot to put him down. We got him out of Valdez over a registered...
  11. BrentC

    Black Bear vs. 270 Gr. TSX

    I figured I'd give you guys a little good news about the loads I recently worked up for my 375 Ruger African. I found superb accuracy with the rifle using a 270 grain TSX on top of 74-74.5 grain of RL 15. I settled on 74.5 grains of RL 15 with 5 shot groups averaging .68". I have the rifle...
  12. BrentC

    .375 Ruger load?

    For those of you that have worked up loads for the .375 Ruger I have a question for you. I have the Hawkeye African with the standard barrel. recently I have worked up my own loads and have noticed great groups, awesome E.S. and S.D., but the velocities are less than expected. I am using...

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