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  1. arizonaguide

    Cheap 150grain Remington Core-lokt's?

    Remington Core-lokt. They run like $17 or $18 a box. If you don't reload I think they may be the way to go. 150gr 30-06 will kill elk/moose just fine. What say you? :)
  2. arizonaguide

    BEAR bickering thread...(and Bear JOKES)

    It is SO FUNNY that we spend more time bickering about BEAR protection on this forum. Heck it is a lot of fun...but LuJon puts it in great perspective. That is SO true. But, we all know we do it just for here's a thread to get it started and we can just come here to bicker or trade...
  3. arizonaguide

    Argentine HiPowers...

    A few folks here seem to be as loving of the HiPower as I am... I hear the Argintines are fine. Anybody have (need) one?
  4. arizonaguide

    6.5 Grendel

    Anyone shooting the 6.5Grendel? Please tell me about it! :) I know very little. I have a finished AR lower that is awaiting an upper, and since I already have another AR platform I'm playing with the idea of eventually finishing this in something better than 5.56. With Cameras and Guns, I...
  5. arizonaguide

    Muzzle break on your hunting rifle?

    I know they're out there, but are they common? I have never shot a rifle with a muzzle break except the large .50BMG, but it sure DOES make a difference on that trigger pulling "event"! Is anyone using a hunting rifle with a muzzle break, and would it be a good thing for someone that was...
  6. arizonaguide

    Elmer Kieth Clone is the coolest!

    Folks, I wanted to say something about a forum member here, that most of you know. I started a thread about trying to figure out what (cheap) action to use for a 30-06 project that I want to do with my Dad. I wasn't soliciting for a FREE action, just trying to find out a good source to BUY...
  7. arizonaguide

    Respect for your Hunting Rights...(stories)

    I would like to start a thread about Hunting Stories, and if your Father or Grandfather taught you to hunt with respect, and never take an animals life just for "fun". Did anyone's family teach them that an animal should be taken for their meat, or as a show of respect for that animal? For...
  8. arizonaguide

    Pay It Foreward Thread!

    PAY IT FOREWARD! Okay, here's a thought that I have seen elsewhere (amongst my military brothers), and it works and is REALLY cool. Here's how it works: 1. You post an item that you found in the garage/attic that's too good to throw away...but you want to get rid of/give away. 2. The FIRST...
  9. arizonaguide

    What (most bang for the buck) .30-06 action?

    Okay, I've made up my mind to build a .30-06 from an action, or barrelled action (and probably a very basic synthetic stock). This will be a project that my Dad (83) and I will create together. Very basic. If YOU were going to build up a 30-06 (from scratch) what exactly would you use, and who...
  10. arizonaguide

    The Snubby .357 revolver, and is a small 9mm a better CCW/backup gun.

    In another old thread (on the .380) the subject came up about the best loads for the Revolver, and being a topic that is dear to my heart...I thought it should have it's own thread, as well as thoughts about the .357 snubby/ammo compared to a small semi-auto for CCW. Should a person who...
  11. arizonaguide

    The BEST round for the Afghanistan "dream rifle"?

    Another thread got me thinking...IF we were going to build a "new" M14 or AR10 style (box magazine semi-auto) rifle for the mountainous terrain and long ranges of Afghanistan what would be the best choice? Seems to me a long range flat shooter (like sheep hunting) would be an excellent choice...
  12. arizonaguide

    Go big w/.375 or just stick with .30-06?

    Okay, I've made up my mind on a Remington 798 or 700 (unless the perfect 721 .300H&H drops in my path) and I'm torn on Caliber choice. I live mostly in the lower 48 (Arizona/Colorado) and the 30-06 is great for anything I would hunt here. But then so is the .375. AND, I MAY have one more...
  13. arizonaguide

    What do you folks think of the Remington 798?

    I may have a good opportunity on a Rem 798 in .375H&H, and I really don't know much about the rifle. I haven't followed the Remington History for many years, so this is a new rifle to me. Mauser action. What say you? :) Good stuff?
  14. arizonaguide

    Anyone have any Remington 721 pictures? (Please!!!)

    Well, I'm REALLY wanting an old Remington 721 in a .300H&H (or Weatherby)...and I was wondering if ANYBODY still has one of those if you would post any pictures of them. I want to see what kind of shape folks are keeping them in, and help me get fired up to get my darn $$$ saved and find one. IF...
  15. arizonaguide

    What bullet are you using in your .3xx for Bear and Moose HUNTING?

    I'm looking at getting a .3xx (Weatherby) of some kind...and I'm wondering what the latest and greatest Heavy Hunting round (ah-la "corelocked"/partitioned style) that is being used in Alaska typical of say a .300 or .375 (Weatherby or H&H). What say you? :) What's the latest/greatest choices...
  16. arizonaguide

    Anybody shooting .38special...what defensive loads?

    Okay, you folks have got me thinking. I am considering a change from my current BuffaloBore .38specials, and I'm wondering if you might have a suggestion about a defensive ammo? After much discussion on the .380've got me thinking about a change. Maybe the Remingtons Golden Sabers...
  17. arizonaguide

    I am an Alaskan Guide, and I carry a .xxx Rifle...

    I have been out of Alaska Hunting for well over 10years now...and it looks like things may have changed greatly in what is the desired carry gun of Alaska Guides. So, a short poll to get the "Real Story" about the prefered "Guide Gun" for Alaska. If you are an Alaska Guide (or have been on a...
  18. arizonaguide

    Stopping power of the .380acp?

    I have been asked what round would be best for the .380auto for a SELF DEFENSE situation (I didn't have an answer)...and if a .38special would be a better "pocket gun". Any advice on pocket guns and their reliable loads? :cool:
  19. arizonaguide

    AR-15 optic in the 1-4x range (possibly illuminated)

    So, if you were going to put a 1-4x scope on a rifle, and didn't want to spend over $250 what would you choose that's NOT a total POS? Say, for example you wanted a good 0-200yd optic...for small Alaska game (similar to say an Arizona coyote) but offered 1x magnification as well. IDEAS? :cool:
  20. arizonaguide

    Stories of old Alaska Characters

    I was reading this post by jdb3, and it gave me an idea for another thread. How about posting any stories you remember about your most "interesting" Alaska characters (living or not, real or not) that have either made you laugh with a good joke or story, or taught you something valuable about...