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  1. WingShooter

    For the guy who was calling me and Griffon a liar!

    Interior Color Interior Color This guy stuck out like a sore thumb, which was his undoing :). Saw another as well today. Can't recall a previous season where I saw this much color this early. Usually it's into October in my neck of the woods. He's not 100% fully plumed but darn close.
  2. WingShooter

    The Power of the Mojo

    Brings in the moose too.....:D Yeah it was a slow morning....
  3. WingShooter

    Grizz Vid

    First attempt at embeding video. Set up another camera on this particular site to take some vid's. Here's a PIR vid of the ole scratchin' tree.
  4. WingShooter

    The big freeze has occured....

    Just got back from scouting for tomorrow mornings hunt and I can't believe how much water has froze. Even big water has all but froze up with the exception of some edges. This may be the last weekend of open/free water with temps expected to keep dropping. On the other hand, there's limited...
  5. WingShooter

    Anyone seen this before?

    I took this Goldeneye yesterday and noticed that there was some "jewlery" attached to the webbing of a foot. Looks to be a clasp of some sort and has only the number 214 on it. I'm going to give ADF&G a call tomorrow to see if they have any information regarding. Thought maybe someone else...
  6. WingShooter

    Cinnamon/Chocolate Sow & Cubs

    Wanted to share this with everyone as it's one of the better pics my cam has taken this season. Enjoy....
  7. WingShooter

    Delta Clear Water

    Looking for some info on how the conditions are right now and if the birds are around. Thinking about heading down from North Pole tomorrow to give it a try.
  8. WingShooter

    Motion Decoys...

    Just curious how many folks use motion decoys mixed in with their dekes? I've hunted many years with and without them and the difference is phenominal.