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  1. Muttley Crew Fishing

    WD 40 on reels

    Just as I told you. Some people just can't stop from commenting on threads like this. LOL!! Well, since MGH wants a "pi&&ing" contest I'm always happy to contribute. These are from one day. The big one I'm holding was 57 lbs. No WD-40. No gun. No ProCure:
  2. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Hoyt Target Bow Re-stringing

    Not exactly "hunting" related, but I figure this would be the best place to ask about this. I have a Hoyt Meridian compound bow I bought probably about 12 (or slightly more) years ago for target practice. I haven't used it in about 7 or 8 years and it's been sitting in its case this whole time...
  3. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Reels: Okuma Cedros vs. Avet (various)

    Here's another one for you all. I've already figured out what I want to purchase for my charter reels, but I'm thinking of treating myself with a really nice reel. There's a whole bunch of talk about all the different Avets out there and what everyone likes for their purposes. Yeah, I really...
  4. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Spiral Wrapped Rods

    I'm shopping for some new rods this year and in my search I've discovered something I've never heard of before---"spiral wrapped" rods. For those that don't know what it is, it's essentially a rod where the guides are mounted slightly offset to each other the length of the rod so that you end up...
  5. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Synit Venom Jigging Rods

    Anyone hear of these rods---Synit Venom? I just happened upon some information about them today. They're made in New Zealand and I can't seem to find a US distributor. But they're pretty cool looking rods. And where else could you get ostrich leather grips!?!? The rods kind of remind me of...
  6. Muttley Crew Fishing

    CHIRP Fishfinders and Transducers

    For those that are interested Raymarine is coming out with a new CHIRP finder/transducer combo that looks, from the stuff on their website, like something pretty exciting. If you're interested in seeing it: If what you'll see in reality is anything like...
  7. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Are There Winter Salmon Sharks in Kachemak Bay?

    I don't know that much about salmon shark behavior and was just wondering if anyone knows if they are in Kachemak Bay at this time of year. I was under the impression that they're migratory and only come up here during the summer to chase returning salmon. The other day we hooked into...
  8. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Homer Feeder King Update?

    The Muttley Crew missed two and "picked" two on the Pretty Penny today---Jane holding 22 lbs. and 14 lbs.!
  9. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Homer Feeder King Update?

    The Bluffs were tough pickin's today, but we were able to put some fresh fish on the grill tonight. 16 lbs. of deliciousness:
  10. Muttley Crew Fishing

    General king salmon advice?

    I really couldn't add much to what's already been said, and especially because things are done a bit differently down around Ketchikan than we do them around here. But my all time favorite thing to use is green label herring. I used to thread my herring, but I've started experimenting with...
  11. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Whittier Winter Kings

    Yeah, I know about the "dead wood" thing. But it's really sad when someone can make an assumption and say it is definitive. Especially when it's not definitive. I'll take just one person if they want to pay the price, but right now I'll be happy to take just 2, 3 or 4. My two clients got these...
  12. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Homer Feeder King Update?

    I feel sorry for anyone that wasn't out chasing kings today! We put these two in the box. Top one was white and 29 lbs., 40 inches, and the bottom one was 12.
  13. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Anchor Point Wave Height Buoy

    If anyone is wondering what has happened to the Anchor Point wave height buoy it broke free again earlier this month and is awaiting redeployment. Here's a link to the story from AOOS: Sure wish they...
  14. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Fins Spectra Fishing Lines

    I just discovered a Spectra line I've never heard of before made by a company called Fins--- They have a number of different braids, some of which are 8 strand, and one that looks interesting to me that incorporates Dacron into it which gives it 8% to 10% stretch...
  15. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Do You Have Seats For the Homer Winter King Tournament?

    I'm getting a LOT of requests for the Homer Winter King Tournament, but I've been booked for quite a while. If anyone DOES have room PM me and I'll send those people that contact me your way. I also thought this might be a good place for any forum members interested in fishing the tournament...
  16. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Homer Feeder King Update?

    Well, it's confirmed. Nailing your shiz down before heading out results in fish. I flew solo today and before I even left the dock I nailed my shiz down. And here's the result for solo Muttley Crew (though Penny did help lick the fish) aboard the Pretty Penny: These ladies went 14 and 21 lbs...
  17. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Washdown in winter?

    Here's what I do. Pretty basic. I just stick the intake hose into the water, connect the alligator clips to my battery and....voila! If it looks like it's going to go well below freezing I just stick everything in a bag and bring it home.
  18. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Jigging Rods Revisited

    Yeah, I know the "favorite jigging rod" question has been raised before, but I'm looking for a little more specific information. I'm thinking of purchasing dedicated jigging rods this year to be used specifically for lings/yelloweye with the thought that there are some big halibut that hang out...
  19. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Kodiak Custom lures worth the money?

    LOL! Yeah, I watch the video Jim shot that day every once in a while just for laughs ("Say hello to my leeetle freind, Senor Toad"). Rosenberg has a certain flair that's hard to emulate! I don't think that in this thread there's any problem with posting a commercial link since it's in support...
  20. Muttley Crew Fishing

    Homer Feeder King Update?

    17 lbs. of white and 16 lbs. of "regular". Guess which will be grillin' tonight!!! Caught by The Muttley Crew on the Pretty Penny.