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  1. Sly Angler

    Fishing pictures 2013

    I got this beauty down at Drifters Lodge last weekend.
  2. Sly Angler

    Grayling Fishing

    I need some help and advice on where to take my family out fishing for mainly grayling or even stumble on some trout. I will be taking my wife, and kids out this weekend (May 12th or 13th) for some spring time fishing. Some of my kids are young so we are limited on how far we can walk and where...
  3. Sly Angler

    Lake Louise Laker Fishing Help

    My Punch list has always had Lake Louise for Lake Trout fishing on it. I am headed out with my buddy on friday to try our luck for some lake trout at Louise. Is there any tips or tricks that people would be willing to share for catching these big lakers? Depth, location, bait, lures, time, or...
  4. Sly Angler

    Bear Hunting Help

    Hey guys I have been up here in Alaska for 2 years now and one of the two I was deployed to afghanistan. I am wanting to get me my first bear this year and any help on where to go and what to do would be awesome. I am located in Anchorage and I am willing to drive to get my bear. Thanks for the...
  5. Sly Angler

    Need help with a new rod/reel

    I am looking for a new spinning rod reel combo for the reds and silvers. I want a good rod for the Russian but also one that I can take out fishing with spinners for silvers. I need one that I can cast pretty far with also. Money is not a issue so I am looking at g-loomis as the rod and a good...