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    Best wet weather gloves

    I own two pair of Majestic 3703 gloves with removable liners that I bought last fall for moose season. They are available from Big Ray's in Fairbanks in size M/L/XL for $20. They are flexible and worked well but I have limited experience with durability because we harvested on the third day last...
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    Time for a new genny… Honda or Yamaha?

    Thanks, I was thinking about something like this to help make the generator quieter. It would clearly have the added benefit of keeping the generator warmer and preheating the intake air.
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    Time for a new genny… Honda or Yamaha?

    I haven't looked at the issue any closer than described above, but I would think if the intake was "freezing up" the issue would have been worse when the choke was applied. I would be interested in seeing any preheat options you do come up with, it might be a better fix. I still hope to use the...
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    Time for a new genny… Honda or Yamaha?

    I have two Honda EU2000i generators that are 12 to 15 years old with low hours. I can wire them together and I have an external tank, that works great. Maybe a little off topic but, at extreme low temperatures the generators start running very lean (because cold air is more dense?). I was...