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  1. jimsmith80

    SIG 226 Navy

    I happen to know that there is one in faribanks! Frontier outfitters 3rd and old steese. I love sigs and I know that there a people out there waiting and wanting this gun so I come bearing news. The navy is rather hard to find, I just wish I could talk my wife into letting me have that one!
  2. jimsmith80

    Gun Avalibility .375 ruger

    I have been hearing that people want this rifle, I got it directly from our distributer, about the ruger .375 some of this I am sure you already know. The alaskan has a dimond coated stainless steel over which a matte black is applied, it will have a houge stock and a 20' barrel. the african...
  3. jimsmith80

    Unethical hunting, 1000yd shot @ sheep

    Where I work we get all sorts of people. I belive that my job is to try to disuade people from doing stupid things. Last week a man comes in ranting about how the 06' is so much better than the .308win. I tell him politly that there is really only about a 10% differance and out to 300yds not...
  4. jimsmith80

    Steve fairbanks

    hello everyone I am new to the forums here. I was recommended by doug warren. So you can all blame him for my opinanted comments and bad spelling. I live here in Fairbanks and I work at sentry hardware / frontier outfitters at the gun counter, stop in when you are in town I love to shoot the...
  5. jimsmith80

    416 Rigby "Target loads"

    I just bought myself a Ruger magnum in .416 Rigby. I shot the iron sights at 50yds and pop bottles where no problem and recoil was loads less than I thought it would be. Still I would like to load some light target loads. I see the manuals have all the standard powders listed, whick works best...