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  1. Irish

    2016 Hunting Pics...

    Unit 13 Tier 1 Caribou Feb. 15 behind the Alpine Lodge at mile 68. Walk in hunt.
  2. Irish

    The Official Unit 13 Caribou Thread (2015-2016)

    Thanks Claude! Appreciate the fantastic hospitality at the lodge and pointing me in the right direction. Couldn't be more tickled to harvest a nice bull and put meat on the table. Sure was a lot of work, but was well worth it.
  3. Irish

    2014 Hunting Photo Gallery

    Finally harvested my first ram. Taken Aug. 11 in the Brooks Range. 36.5 X 13 Thrilled beyond belief. Went on my first sheep hunt 22 years ago in high school, been part of several rams killed on hunts and am happy I finally was able to harvest such a beautiful animal. I'll always cherish him.
  4. Irish

    Ice fishing pics!

    Took a day off work last Friday and went pike fishing. What a blast!
  5. Irish

    Ice fishing pics!

    Had a great New Year's Day fishing. We caught three in this size and a lot of other good size fish too. Hope 2013 is this good!
  6. Irish

    Kenai Reports?

    I went out Saturday too...bbrrrr...but was still a good time. I caught a few fat bows and this silver. Great times on the river for sure.
  7. Irish

    The official Unit 13 caribou thread.

    One more photo, headed towards the road.... Love my Barney's pack!
  8. Irish

    The official Unit 13 caribou thread.

    I shot this bou on Sept 8 in the CCUA. Saw the herd from the road and hiked in towards the ridge they were coming down, turned around and this bou and one like him we're walking my way, so I just laid down and he walked right towards me and shot him at 150 yards. My hunt began around 630 and...
  9. Irish

    2012 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    Here's a nice bull caribou I took in the walk in area 1/2 mile off the road off the Denali Highway. Started my hunt at 630 and had him on the ground by 915. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
  10. Irish

    2011 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    Had a great October deer hunt on Kodiak. Had great weather too...sunny, blue sky weather every day.
  11. Irish

    2011 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    Shoot this small bull caribou on Sept 10 in the Lake Louise area.
  12. Irish

    2011 Alaskan Hunting Photo Gallery

    Nice fork horn shot on opening morning, Sept. 1. Passed up a border line 50" bull a few hours earlier. Had 3 brown tines on each side (4 brown tine area) and white palms, but it was too close for my comfort. I ended up having a brown shirt come check me on the bull I did shoot, so I felt even...
  13. Irish

    What Trekking Pole(s) do you use?

    What brand of trekking poles do you guys use? I love using them on sheep, goat hunts, but I rarely get more than one season out of them before I'm buying another pole. I'm always breaking them on rocks or bending them up real bad. Of course, I've bought cheap ones in the past and am ready to...
  14. Irish

    Goat hunt vs. Moose hunt

    I know this is like apples and oranges, but I have some well deserved time off coming from Thurs - Sun and I'm trying to decide if I should use that time to go on my goat draw hunt near Seward or go up to unit 13 for a moose hunt. The weather is suppose to be good in Seward begiining Weds...
  15. Irish

    Short Notice offer- Russian River Campground

    With a heavy heart, I'm offering my camp spot at the Russian river campground. I'm not sure how it works, but I think if you have my name you can just use it. I'm heavily involved with the C-17 crash that occurred on Elmendorf this week and will not be able to use it this year. I hope...
  16. Irish

    Southeast Alaska Black Bear Hunt

    I had the opportunity to get a away for a few days to hunt down in southeast Alaska. We had a great time catching Dungeoness crabs and chasing blackies. I really enjoyed the opportunity to just sit on tidal flats in the evening, instead of climbing mountains in the fall for blueberry bears. :)...
  17. Irish

    Game processor -- not getting back your meat

    This is a first for me, and I'm sure many of you have had similar experiences, but want to get your feedback. I, along, with my brother harvested goats last year. Like usual, I cut up all the meat, packaged the backstraps and roasts and took the scraps to my local processor to grind into...
  18. Irish

    Successful Kodiak Goat Hunt

    My brother and I were fortunate to draw Kodiak permits and harvest 2 goats, but not without a lot of challenges. My brother who moved from Alaska 10 years ago, drew a party permit for Kodiak north road system with me. He lost 50 pounds since Febraury to go on this hunt & we planned it out...
  19. Irish

    No Moose, but I found this.....

    I took my Dad out for a quick moose hunt on Friday/Saturday. We saw a few small bulls in the 35" range, and a couple cows before it started to heat up, but nothing legal. However, I walked up over a ridge & heard a squeel, looked down below me & spotted a coyote with a rabbit at it's feet...
  20. Irish

    2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 Electrical Problem

    I recently replace my battery to my 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700. I thought the battery was dead, but after installing the new battery, I'm still not getting electrical power, except for the winch. Not sure how to fix this. Anyone have similar issues? I thought maybe fuse, but can't find any.