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  1. Bigmnt

    Seward Silvers

    Headed to Seward in a week and wanted to get a feel for if the silvers are in Resurection Bay in any numbers that would benefit the bank angler. Taking the kids down for some R&R... Any help would be appricated. Thanks, Big
  2. Bigmnt

    Fallow up on Kenai three dayer

    Four of us took five reds in the mid river area. Fished on the lower Kenai for silvers, but no luck. Went up to Montaina Creek on thursday and took ten silvers on pixies and roe. Thanks to all who posted help on my last thread.....Big PS went out on Rainbow Charters for Halibut in 8 foot...
  3. Bigmnt

    Three dayer on the Kenai

    Headed down on the Kenai this Friday and wondering if the silvers are in the lower Kenai or if there are still any reds to be found. May even head down to homer to fish for a few halibit. Any advice or good charters in homer. Thanks Big
  4. Bigmnt

    Two years of hell!

    I have really missed my time away from the people on this forum. Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer and we have had a long drawn out battle to bring her to a point of, God willing, submission. I truly feel that my wife has come through this in better physical shape than I. For me...
  5. Bigmnt

    Nostradamus on the Obamanation
  6. Bigmnt

    It is useless to defend yourselves Illinois state police advice to gag yourself to fend off a rapist "Before you fight Fighting for your safety may be necessary. However, if you start out fighting you cancel any...
  7. Bigmnt

    Bigfoot Body Found

    Bigfoot myth may have more evidence coming to light.
  8. Bigmnt

    3 Ways to Lower Gas Prices
  9. Bigmnt

    Can we remain free in America? "It may be that as free a society as we have known it carries within itself the forces of its own destruction, that once freedom is achieved it is taken for granted and ceases to be valued." “Liberty: Rare and Precious The time has come for a...
  10. Bigmnt

    Guideline to reasonable gun legislation

    After reading through some seventy pages of supreme court opinion on the DC handgun case, I have come up with a list of excerpts from the opinion that I think will be relevant in future cases involving the Second Amendment. I am calling these excerpts, “Guideline to reasonable gun legislation.”...
  11. Bigmnt

    So, Just what is John Kerry's wife trying to sell If Heinz is trying to sell mayo in this commercial? I do not think anyone is buying it......I’m not..!
  12. Bigmnt

    Handgun control inc predict a win in the current supreme court ruling on a DC handgun

    The anti gun lobby predicts that the US supreme court will uphold the District of Colombia and its ban on handguns using the catch phrase: “Reasonable gun laws.” Rules of reason, have always been found to come into play in up holding current gun restrictions and to expect that reason has not...
  13. Bigmnt

    More bad news

    Just listened to a news show that is predicting food shortages this fall due to the flooding in the Midwest and the drought in California. The flooding in the Midwest will put many farmers under due to several factors. Most of their crops are now or will be under water, killing the germinated...
  14. Bigmnt

    Like a virgin....touch for the very first time? This is something new ......What think ye...... Talaban in Europe?
  15. Bigmnt

    Hands up America! Drop your weapons.....
  16. Bigmnt

    Who’s fighting for you....?
  17. Bigmnt

    Israel gets green light to attack Iran One more bit of evidence to the energy non crisis thread. I sure hope this does not happen.......Bigmnt
  18. Bigmnt

    The Private Side of John McCain
  19. Bigmnt

    Another Source of American Energy

    We must find ways to bring the energy crisis under control, and it must be done now or our country very exsistance my be in jeopardy. Along with conservation, wind, solar, wave, hydro electric, nuclear, ANWR and other oil exploration, I believe that Utah, Wyoming and Colorado hold a key to our...
  20. Bigmnt

    Wolf protection efforts through local paper

    I just received this propaganda from a wolf protection group I belong too. One of its key measures to stopping the De-enlisting of the Gray wolf to the endangered status in the lower 48 states is to run poles in local news papers to try and show that they have public support to put an...