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    High tide vs. Low tide

    First off, I am a rookie to dip netting but I have been doing my homework. My wife (pregnant with twins) told me the other day she wanted to go out and go dip netting (watch) so we can have some fish for the winter. So I am jumping at the opportunity to get out. Since my fishing season is...
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    Flies for Kings??

    I wanted to ping the community to see what would be a good selection of flies to take on float down Lake Creek for Kings. I just bought and assortment from in their "Kings" selection. Any flies that are a must have that anyone has come across?? Sizes? Any...
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    Lake Creek

    A buddy and I are doing a five day float down Lake Creek June 16th through June 20th. I've never fished it and trying to obtain as much info as I can since it isn't a cheap trip and probably won't get a chance to float it again. It is self guided so we won't have any guide tips. If anyone has...
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    Strip or dead drift?

    I am still learning this fly fishing bit and just had a question that I figured I'd throw out there. It is probably common knowledge for you guys, but when I go fishing with folks who say they know how to fly fish, I end up teaching them how to do it:mad: So, I haven't caught anything with...
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    Upper Kenai Pattern for April?

    I have an chance to get away from Anchorage with no worries of the wife calling me every hour asking when I will be home:D So, I have never fished the Kenai for Rainbows believe it or not, only park streams (Closer). I was planning on bringing some Olive Wooly's, stone flies, ESL, prince...
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    Lake Creek

    A buddy and I are planning to float Lake Creek June 15 -20th. This will be our first unguided float trip and first time on Lake Creek. Just seeing if anyone has floated this creek before and to see if anyone has any good tips for a newbie to floating for five days. Any packing ideas, must have...
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    Lake Creek

    Well I finally have to chance to do a float trip and a buddy and I are going to float Lake Creek from June 15th through the 20th. I have never been to lake creek and actually never have done a multiday float trip. I wanted to ping the community to see if I could get some good info on fishing...
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    Kepler Bradley

    Decide to head out to the KP complex yesterday. I fished canoe for about an hour and lost a decent one. Then, headed over to KB to give it a try. Ran into this nice bow about 5 feet out from shore in about a foot of water. I didn't even think they had bows this big in there!! Can't wait to try...
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    Fishing Missouri

    Although, I would much rather be up in AK finishing out the winter on a block of ice catching some decent fish, the military thought it better to send me away to MO for school for two months!:( So, now that I can't finish a out what started as a great hard water season, I wanted to see if...
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    Wilderness system pungo 120

    I am leaving very shortly and figured I'd try to get rid of my Wilderness system pungo 120. It's a rec kayak and not in brand new condition. It needs a new seat cover thanks to my dog. It was originally 600 or so about three years ago. I am asking 200. I didn't get it out as much as I wanted.
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    Jewel Lake

    Took a buddy and his wife out to Jewel Lake today for their first time ice fishing. Had a pretty productive day with the little fellas, but didn't see any lunkers. Has any caught decent fish out of Jewel? Seems like it probably gets fished a lot and the only thing really in there are newbie...
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    Clunie Lake

    Has anyone been out to Clunie Lake on Fort Richardson yet this year? Any luck? I have been out to Cheny Lake the last three weeks with little sucess. Three weeks ago, I caught 20 -25 rainbow within a 1 1/2 period using salmon eggs. But, I saw folks leaving the lake with buckets of fish even...