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    Halibut length/weights this year

    I've been checking the Homer Halibut Derby website since I caught a 140 lb halibut in May that taped out at 69.5", which would weigh about 175 according to the weight/length chart in the tide book and others readily available online. (Not to see if I would keep the lead, I knew it would be...
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    Springtime in K-Bay part 2

    Just wanted to give a shout out to forum regular, Captain Nemo. My buddy Nathan and I fished Friday and Saturday with Josh and his deckhand Tom. Real professionals who give it 100% effort at all times. And I've yet to meet a captain who gets more excited (if that's even possible) than I do at...
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    2018 Guided Angler Halibut Regs Southcentral

    Has anybody seen/found these regs for this year? ADFG refers you to the NOAA fisheries website, but I can't find anything for Southcentral there. A coworker said guided anglers are now reduced to 1 halibut per day in Southcentral. He also said that a second daily fish can be "purchased" (or a...
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    long range overnight charter

    I'm looking into an overnight longrange charter for next summer. "Sanity" charters out of Valdez offers a very reasonable two full day trip, but I've never heard of them and there isn't much personal info on their website. Anybody heard of them or better yet, fished with them and can offer any...
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    renting our AK home to military personnel

    After nine years in Alaska, the wife wants to head back to be by her family in New Mexico. We bought at the peak three years ago and can't sell without losing money, it seems, so we're considering renting our home. We're looking at renting to military personnel being stationed at either Ft...
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    spacing between stairway rails

    Wondering if the code for Anchorage is 4" max spacing between stairway railing in a residence?
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    SC area Salmon/Halibut Wholesale, shipping

    That would be "South Central AK" area....since I'm moving back to New Mexico, but continuing my Slope job for the foreseeable future, I'm entertaining ideas of a small, part-time business bringing down salmon, halibut and smoked salmon to retail in the Albuquerque area. What they have available...
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    moving OUT of Alaska - shipping items

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this, or if the Moving to AK forum would be better, so I'll try it in both. After 8 grand years up here, family "pressure" is requiring I move back to Albuquerque. From my research, it appears renting a tow dolly and pulling the Corolla behind our...
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    moving OUT of Alaska - shipping items

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this, or if Global Discussion would be better, so I'll try it in both. After 8 grand years up here, family "pressure" is requiring I move back to Albuquerque. From my research, it appears renting a tow dolly and pulling the Corolla behind our Jeep...
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    Junk mail through Private Messages!

    Anyone else getting spammed through their PM's? Got one for online meds a while back and one today for "girls photos." Not what I want, at least not through my outdoors forums. :rolleyes:
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    work in AK, live in NM, taxes?

    Well, it looks like I'll be moving back to New Mexico in the not-too-distant future for family reasons. What I'm wondering is this: I work on the slope and hope to keep the job, going to a 3x3 schedule to make traveling easier/cheaper. What are the tax implications of doing this? For example...
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    ship silvers?

    I haven't seen any posts for a while....anything going on in Ship Creek? Any silvers to be had????
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    July Grand Finale - 5-day Fishing Report

    With my wife and daughter out of town, and two weeks home from the Slope, I figured I better fish hard and fill both freezers. Here's the skinny on the previous five days for me: July 23 - Morning salmon trip out of Seward. Battled some serious weather to make it to Cheval narrows. Limits...
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    very high cost of summer in AK

    Saturday we fished a charter in Seward. My buddy and his wife headed out of Anchorage around 8:00 pm to campout on Friday night. Ended up backed up on the Seward Highway for some five hours due to a fatal car crash. Just now (Sunday 8:30 pm), another friend heading back to Anchorage called me...
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    Mike's Dipnets - SOLD OUT

    Boy was I bummed when I pulled into their parking lot about 4:30 p.m. today to see a sign saying "DIPNETS - SOLD OUT." Especially after calling them a little over a week ago because I saw on their website a notice that they usually sell out by July 20 or something. The gal I spoke with said...
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    Storm/winds affecting dipping this weekend?

    Robb, gra8ful, or anyone else have any thoughts on how the storm and strong winds and waves might affect the dipping into this weekend? Looks like primarily NE winds, which from what I've read in these forums, is the opposite of what drives the fish to the beaches. COOK INLET NORTH OF KAMISHAK...
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    AOJ hijacked

    Hmmmm.....somehow, the "other" fishing/outdoors website most of you know has been hijacked, at least on my work computer. I can't get on anymore through any route. I keep getting a webpage that says: "Thank you for visiting Olde Willow Stitchery Threads on the web!" It then talks a little...
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    Highway Construction?

    I'll be heading to the Peninsula next week, with a morning silver trip for starters. Are they still doing work on the highway area around summit lakes or elsewhere? Need to know if I should put in a 30 minute buffer for the drive.
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    Jim Creek Sockeye

    Does Jim Creek get a decent run of sockeye? Are they fished like anywhere else? I remember seeing some posts last year about folks getting reds, but it seemed they got them while silver fishing. When might they run, if they do?
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    Buying wild Alaskan shrimp

    Are Alaskan shirmp available for sale at any stores in Anchorage? I can't recall if New Sagaya's or other places have local shrimp or only the imported ones.