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    valley gunsmith

    looking for gunsmith to mount 2x leupold on my superredhawk. having trouble with front ring not seating right. maybe lapping will help. any recommendations appreciated. forty below
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    375 h&h ammo

    came across some ammo in this caliber that is remington 300 grain metal case. they look like fmj round nose solids. they are not listed on the remington website. does anyone have experience with this ammo? suitability for bears, moose, etc. forty below
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    to make a bolt action 450 marlin

    what gunsmithing/$$ cost necessary to convert short action ruger mkII so it chambers the 450 marlin? i have heard that a short action 350 rem mag, 300 wsm can be rebarreled to 450 marlin. if i want to keep costs down can original factory stock be reused. (i imagine a #5 barrel would be good?)...
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    45-70 v. 350 rem mag

    got this great deal on a ruger mkII stainless/synthetic in 350 rem mag. bought a burris 1.75 x 5, had stan jackson mount it and do trigger job. i also came across ammo both in 200 gr and 250 gr (both orig remington loadings). but i still have my 45-70 (stainless marlin guide gun, WWG big loop...
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    338-06 v. 350 rem mag v. 350 wsm

    i am looking for a lighter-weight alternative to my ruger mkII 338wm which w/ doctor optics scope weighs in at 9.5 lbs or so. i don't want to sacrifice power or bullet weight if i don't have to and am looking at mainly the 350 rem mag and 338-06. it seems like most bang for buck, but have read...
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    375 H&H -which gun to buy?

    okay. starting awhile ago, i was looking to buy a .375 h&h, then winchester went bust, so model 70s w/ pre64 controlled-round feed action were nowhere to be found. then ruger announced their version of the .375. looks like a nice gun, not crazy about the hogue stock and .375 ruger ammo looks to...
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    480 ruger no more???

    on a visit to the website this morning i noticed that only the 454 casull/45 colt super redhawk is listed. no reference to the 480 ruger. did i miss something or did ruger silently drop the 480 in the srh? who knows about this? murphy, paul h? forty below
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    v-8 inboard jet performance/fuel economy

    researching for inboard jet boat purchase and want to hear from owners of duckworth, wooldridge, thunderjet, and others. question: what performance/fuel burn can one expec with 5.7/6.0/8.1L engines and hamilton 212 or 213 in a 22-24ft boat w/ light/heavy loads? i am looking hard at the...