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  1. Wetland Retrievers

    Ground blind

    Lay out blind. Final approach eliminator pro guide. $180 obo 6320123
  2. Wetland Retrievers

    Rifling ??

    I'm building a 300 that I'm looking to setup for long range. 1000 and beyond. Some hunting but mostly gonging steel. I chose the 300 because I can afford to shoot it and has a wide selection of factory match grade ammo. (Currently I don't reload). The 338 Lapua for me is too pricey to shoot at...
  3. Wetland Retrievers

    Lab pups. Info on Gundog forum.

    Hello fellow waterfowlers. Please check info on Gundog forum. Thanks
  4. Wetland Retrievers

    AKC Lab pups

    Announcing long anticipated breeding between “Wheels”, Fen’s Hot Wheels MH and “Ada”, Wetland’s WIndsome Lady MH. I trained both of them to AKC Master level. Both have Qualified for 2017 Master National. “Wheels" is Qualified All-Age (QAA) in the field trial game. I have hunted with both in...
  5. Wetland Retrievers

    Who all heading out to get some green this weekend

    All this talk about green got my trigger finger itchy. I couldn't wait til the weekend. Sorry. I was getting the trembles. I'm much better now.
  6. Wetland Retrievers

    Sept 27-28 weekend success

    Great hunting Friday and Saturday. 30 ducks. 5 geese. One green wing teal, one blue wing teal, 2 spoonies, one pin tail, 3 widgeon, rest were mallards.
  7. Wetland Retrievers

    Winter Training classes

    I'm looking to see how much interest there would be in a retriever training class that would span through out the winter. The goal would be to help those wanting to advance their dogs skills and to teach owners handling abilities along the way. This would be for those building up a started...
  8. Wetland Retrievers

    Howard Neimi

    For those of us on this forum that knew Howard. I have the displeasure of letting you know that he has passed. The retriever community has a huge void now. He was a spokesperson of retriever field trials and hunt test. He gave his all in training and at the events. He has helped countless...
  9. Wetland Retrievers

    4 year old yellow male

    Currently have a four year old yellow male. He has been trained by me. He has 3 AKC Senior passes and a Hunting Retriever title in HRC. He belonged to a client of mine. The owner has come up against some hard times and not able to keep him. He is tall and active. Best with someone active...
  10. Wetland Retrievers

    Retriever event interest. Field Trials and Hunt Test

    Ok, longer days and more sunlight are upon us. For me it means the first retriever events aren't far away. Those that work with me have been training throughout the winter and are waiting to do tune ups in the water. Retriever training is a lot of fun. For the dog as well as the handler no...
  11. Wetland Retrievers

    Out of place aircraft. Making me scratch my head.

    Does anyone know this aircraft and its owner? N61PW Not enough time for details now but will come back later. Gotta make a scheduled flight out.
  12. Wetland Retrievers

    Started hunting retriever

    Info over on swap and sell
  13. Wetland Retrievers

    Started hunting retriever

    Info over on swap and sell
  14. Wetland Retrievers

    English Setter at Matsu shelter

    I'm back in state and I get notified by shelter personnel that there is a 5 yr old Setter that has been there a while. The owner told them the dog is registered and has some hunting experience. Owner is willing to transfer papers. Dog is already neutered. Shelter fee will be $79. Call the...
  15. Wetland Retrievers

    Happy Goose Giving

    Wish all you fowl people a great holiday.:lol:
  16. Wetland Retrievers

    Winter driving routes thru Canada

    Sorry. I know its not dog training specific but I didn't find a forum chapter that this would fit under. But this is sorta related. For the last several years I have been "going out" for winter training. This year is no different but I have a much larger crew of dogs going. So I will be...
  17. Wetland Retrievers

    Drahthaar puppy manual

    I have a Drahthaar Puppy Manual. 4th Edition by Smith and Bohs. Covers puppyhood, German breeding and testing systems. Don't know how I came about having it. Believe it belonged to a client from years ago. Had to knock the dust off of it. Anybody want it?
  18. Wetland Retrievers

    Duck Hunter Dog Game

    The other thread had me remember about the National Duck Dog Challenge. I recently purchased some of those skeet holding bumpers just to try them out. In my training I set up scenarios like this already but it would be fun to throw in your shooting skill. Take a look and lets talk about it...
  19. Wetland Retrievers

    West Side

    Just got back from a hunt over there. Lots of thin ice over all the ponds. Only the larger ponds had open water in the center. When I flew in I noticed majority of the birds were on the tidal shore by the hundreds. With todays forecast the winds were going to blow out of the Turnagain up to...
  20. Wetland Retrievers

    Hunt Test reminders

    The Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association is hosting a NAHRA hunt test this weekend (May 22 and 23) out at Point Mackenzie on the way to the Little Sue boat launch. They will have signs out. The Interior Alaska Gun Dog Association is hosting an HRC hunt test on Memorial weekend. May 29 and 30 out...