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  1. MarineHawk

    Shooting and drinking a couple

    This kind of proves my point. If someone openly drinks a single beer, they typically aren’t hiding anything. If they are, they are no different from the person who isn’t openly drinking a beer but sneaking alcohol or much worse mind-altering chemicals you can’t see. If someone has “bailey's in...
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    I recently got my moose back from Woodland Taxidermy, and they did a fine job IMO. Posing with my 10-yr old:
  3. MarineHawk

    Marmot Thor 3P Tent

    I know we all love our own gear, so take this with a grain of salt, but I really like this tent: I bought it some months ago with a bunch of Visa points that I had earned by going on business trips . etc … I’m taking it to Alaska...
  4. MarineHawk

    Ruger Super Redhawk vs. Ruger Redhawk

    I'm looking at getting either a 5" Ruger .454 SRH Toklat or a 5-1/2" .44 stainless Redhawk. Among other things, I would be bringing it to SW AK for my second AK hunt for brown bear, moose, etc ... -- to use it when I am around camp, in the raft, etc ... when I won't be lugging around a rifle...
  5. MarineHawk

    Bear Protection Handgun for a Space Alien

    To be clear, I am not posting this thread on behalf of smallish green space aliens who have invaded my home and are holding me hostage and making me write this question. But hypothetically speaking, we, I mean I, nevertheless would like to know what would be a good handgun for bear defense for...
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    Shooting Stance

    All my life, until a couple of years ago, I shot pretty well, including qualifying as expert with a HG in the USMC (which actually did not seem to be quite that high of a bar), but I switched from the Weaver to the Isosceles stance a couple of years ago (after reading the book "Surgical Speed...
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    Really Happy with ***********.

    PM me and I'll give you more details.
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    Advice for My Glock 20SF

    It is completely stock so far. I have shot maybe 300 rounds through it. It shoots great, except that I had one stove-pipe with a 200gr FMJ (appx 1,200 fps) one time. that was probably in my first 50-100 rounds. Most of what I have shot are the Cor-Bon 150gr HPs (appx 1,325 fps); the 180gr...
  9. MarineHawk

    Nushagak Area Brown Bear Float Hunt (Report and Photos)

    Finally got the guy in the basement. Probably need to create a little better spot for him, but this will do for now. Kids like "hunting" him. Thanks to Whitworth for about four hours of serious work helping get him from the shipping site to the house; off the truck; off the palette; out of the...
  10. MarineHawk

    Glock G20 SF Upgrade Parts Questions

    I have searched around, and have not been able to get clear answers to the following. Any help would be appreciated. I want to shoot regularly hotter 10mm loads out of my now-stock G20 SF. In particular, I want to be able to fire reliably the hard cast bullets (like available in Buffalo Bore and...
  11. MarineHawk

    What makes you feel most ambivalent about this forum?

    We've got two good threads covering the best and the worst, but what is it about this forum that makes feel the most neutral? For me, its the existence of the dog mushing subforum. I've never looked at it because I don't mush dogs. So, I'm not really excited about it, but I also don't mind...
  12. MarineHawk

    Range Report with Chronograph

    A nice day and a range session thanks for bfrshooter with Whitworth and me along for the ride. We tried out my ProChrono thingy. I can’t testify to its accuracy, but here are the results (handloads except where indicated otherwise): .44 Mag, M29 6.5” barrel: 320gr Double Tap 1042 fps...
  13. MarineHawk

    How Much Did My Bear Weigh?

    This one: Can you estimate from the pics, and dimensions? It's 9'-2" with a 27-7/16 inch skull. My sons and others have asked me multiple times, and I give them a broad range...
  14. MarineHawk

    Why learn marksmanship when you can have a computer do the shooting for you?

    This is my favorite non-ugly way to exchange gunfire with the bad guys:
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    Yet another great hunt for 2010

    Yours was a great story with great pics. It's easy to tell that you had an awesome time and work really well together. I hope my wife and I are like that in another 22 years (already at 7 yrs). I know I'm a bit anal retentive, but even when I camp at the lake right next to my truck and...
  16. MarineHawk

    Shoot-Throughs on Game

    I love blueberries, and I hate people who unnecessarily shoot plant life. I was horrified to learn that I killed a blueberry bush with this pass-through: Moral of the story is to be careful and not reckless, and make sure you don't hit anything important on the other side. I'm still mouring...
  17. MarineHawk

    Bear size vs paw print

    Was this a big guy?
  18. MarineHawk

    I'd like my chairs back please

    Hey Sayak, were they blue chairs? If so, can you pick them up somewhere near Fairfax or Dulles?
  19. MarineHawk

    Nushagak Area Brown Bear Float Hunt (Report and Photos)

    Return Return As much as I loved everything about the hunt, this was a welcome sight after ten days (miss my wife and boys a bit):
  20. MarineHawk

    Nushagak Area Brown Bear Float Hunt (Report and Photos)

    Eagle Eagle He was admiring the bear hide.