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  1. jeff p

    Floatless Float Hunt

    To set the stage for tale, I have been coming up hunting in Alaska for the last several years, mostly moose hunting, but often take opportunistic species as well. This hunt was set in gmu 23, to include ten days on the river hunting solo in my Magnum raft purchased from Larry at Pristine...
  2. jeff p

    Moose 2009

    This is a tale of my yearly trip to Ak for a moose hunt this year. It started like many others with a rushed flight in & lots of last minute shopping. Ok enough of that lets get to the hunt. Myself & a friend did a flyout to a remote river planning on spending 10 days afield hunting moose with...
  3. jeff p

    Moose skin

    Just wondering after seeing the wanted caribou hides thread. Is there a market for a moose skin? Is it worth skinning for a lifesize mount or saving just the cape? If I do shooot a moose what do you think bring it out or let it lay.
  4. jeff p

    To the Mods

    In light of all the posts lately about guide usage/overusage, BOG proposels,discussions back & forth concerning f&g needs, tag increases, game populations, res/non res hunting regulation, wouldnt these be more suited for the ALASKA GAME MANAGEMENT FORUM ? I dont know if its just me but they...
  5. jeff p


    OK in light of the recent polls who thinks they are stupid & serve no purpose but fueling the fire between user groups?
  6. jeff p

    Lost Creek Company

    Has anyone used this outfit for hunt planning,says they been doing it since 1992. Interested in anyone who had used them for hunt planning back then or more recent. Pm me if you would rather or lets hear if you would use them again. thanks in advance.
  7. jeff p

    down the haul rd

    I am wondering if anyone is going down the haul rd around the 4 of sept . two guys & gear here looking to get dropped off. Or if you know of any land transports you could reccomend for a drop off.. needs sum ideas folk
  8. jeff p

    can we help the Tundra Trucks

    Ok guys just a thought cause I was young & dumb & full of ***** once Can we ask these guys to come on here & try to help with thoughts or ideas to get these things out of there. Just a thought but there is enough junk around & I know I pack out what i see & i am sure a lot of others do to,we...
  9. jeff p

    Webmaster: what about using the reputation feature?

    Have you thought about enable the rep power feature of the software? some may find it useful & helps to quantify ones resonses?
  10. jeff p

    Leftover Moose

    I am a out of state hunter but have a un-used moose tag anyone got any ideas poss early dec for caribou? At the price of them i hate to just let it go to waste poss thinking of coming back & trying to fill it? Open to any suggestions plus its another reason to go hunting!
  11. jeff p

    hornady 444 265 col

    Guys I got a few boxes of hornadys 265grain 444marlin ammo but the problem is they wont fit in my win 94 444. when i try to load them thru the side the cartrige is to long to fit they are 2.570col. question can i just reseat the bullet a little deeper & recrimp the cartriges? when I reload for...
  12. jeff p

    safety items

    With the seasons here is there a list of emergency numbers one should take into the field with them ? Lets here what saftey items and or contact information one should have.
  13. jeff p


    Hi guys I am going to be heading off soon for my 3rd moose hunt & am looking to buy a decent camera any reccomendations as far as model & type ? seems like so many choices if I can get a little help might help a bit. thanks jeff