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    PWS Silvers

    Heading for Whittier this weekend after a couple weeks away. Did real well for silvers around Main Bay, but have they moved closer to Whittier by now? Have heard that around Pigot point has gotten busy. Also, has anyone ever fished halibut in Shotgun Cove? Pigot Bay? Thanks, and good fishing!
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    Silver Rigs

    Heading for Seward this weekend. I have been reading and have come to the conclusion that silvers will hit most anything in the water. I am going to fish 4 poles, with 1 herring, 1 pixie, 1 Vibrax and 1 squid. Should be interesting. All will be behind a small flasher. Will let U all know...
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    Fiberglass cleaners

    I recently purchased a used fiberglass boat. I have found about as many different fiberglass cleaners as there are types of lures. Can anyone recommend a good biodegradable cleaner that can be used at the docks as well as at home. The boat has stains that Simple Green will not touch...
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    Prop Question

    I have a 19 pitch 3 blade stainless prop on boat now. Boat has 350 I/O. At 3500rpm will cruise at 24mph, at 4000rpm will do 30. Is there any benefit going to a 4 blade?