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  1. fishingyoda

    Clarification on palmated spike/fork antlers. Know the law before you go.

    also if it's got nubs under fur, it's not a legal bull under spike fork. Don't know if this pic will show up
  2. fishingyoda

    Filet gloves. Tired of getting cut and poked

    What do you guys wear when processing fish? I'm constantly getting poked from rock fish and when I'm not I'm getting nicks and cuts from my knife. What do the charter deck hands use or commercial guys? Thanks, Hunter
  3. fishingyoda

    More dollies than rainbows?

    I remember catching more rainbows 10-12 years ago in valley lakes. Now it seems like when I go ice fishing it's almost all dollies or landlocked salmon in some lakes. Does anyone else think this is the case? I'd much rather get into some rainbows for the kids but haven't had a lot of luck the...
  4. fishingyoda

    Under armour storm winter hunting gear

    Does anybody own any of this. I'm looking into getting the pants for sure and maybe the jacket but I wanted to hear some actual Alaskan reviews before shelling out that kind of money. Thanks
  5. fishingyoda

    LED Lights

    Here it is all lit up. Not so dark anymore. Am I the only one who would rather ride at night?
  6. fishingyoda

    Skull help in a pickle

    Not sure if this picture will show up but I'm trying to do a DIY European mount of my moose and I'm having trouble cleaning the skull. I tried boiling it but didn't have anything big enough so I just got the very tip. I've tried peeling with pliers and knives to get the rest. It wasn't working...
  7. fishingyoda

    2014 Hunting Photo Gallery

    53 inch bull. My first moose that wasn't spike fork
  8. fishingyoda

    Reg change for haul road?

    I was looking in the regs for the haul road can you shoot cows now before October? It used to not be that way but I didn't see where it specifys now?
  9. fishingyoda

    Fishing Pictures 2015

    Big ones 64lbs
  10. fishingyoda

    Fishing Pictures 2014

    Big ones 64lbs
  11. fishingyoda

    Fishing Pictures 2015

    Big ones 64lbs
  12. fishingyoda

    People camping next to your bait.

    So I have a bear bait. It's not the best location. It's at the end of a dead end trail that I've never seen anybody down, and then it's a little ways off the trail in the woods. My buddy went to check on it this weekend and there was people camping about 50 yards from my barrel. I have those...
  13. fishingyoda

    Legal mag capacity?

    I just looked through the regs online and can't find anything on it. My buddy's brother wants to come up and hunt black bear this spring with an AR. He was wondering if there is a limit for legal magazine capacity? Any one able to direct me to the reg? Thanks
  14. fishingyoda

    Jig making safety

    I've been melting lead and making jigs for 2 years now. I have a north respirator and am wondering which cartridges to use. I was originally thinking the hepas but had a buddy tell me they were wrong. Any one have any knowledge on this?
  15. fishingyoda

    Ice fishing pics!

    Burbot Burbot Couple from yesterday
  16. fishingyoda

    Ice fishing pics!

    Finger lake in about 10 ft of water today
  17. fishingyoda

    Did I miss the black bears?

    I've been trying to get a bear for several years now, but I can't ever seem to fine one. I glassed the Kenai mountains from 9am till 2pm Saturday almost every pull out and didn't see a thing. Talked to a forest service guy and he said we were probably a few weeks late. I just figured with the...
  18. fishingyoda

    Unit 13 after the community harvest

    I was just curious how the guys who normally hunt unit 13 moose did this year with the community hunt that took place
  19. fishingyoda

    2013 Hunting Photo Gallery

    Meat bull Meat bull He's a 2x3 I know it's hard to see the other side
  20. fishingyoda

    Bears from a boat?

    Can you legally shoot a black bear from a boat in pws? I've heard different answers from different people and can't seem to find it in the regs.