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  1. huntalaska

    Guide looking for spring bear work.

    Registered guide with 20 years experience looking for some spring bear work. 2 or 3 hunts would be great. Please PM me . Thank you
  2. huntalaska

    Monster Pike What are your thoughts?

    Pike are a blast to fish for ,but the hit is about the only fun part. The fight for about 10 seconds and are done. Fry um up baby..
  3. huntalaska

    Any info on Hydro Lites???

    ??good or bad
  4. huntalaska

    Whos building a shack this year?

    About ready to get on the lake..
  5. huntalaska

    Whos building a shack this year?

    Getting closer, let it freeze..
  6. huntalaska

    **Photo Contest**

    Summer fun filling the freezer..
  7. huntalaska

    Kenai Area Fishing Pics!

    A couple bous from the Pen!