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    Can anyone confirm the identity of this bird?

    I believe this is a black-headed grosbeak, but they are not suppose to be in Alaska. Does anyone know for sure what bird this is? It was about 5" or 6" tall. Thanks for any info.
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    Marten coaxing

    So far I have had OK luck with Marten... 4 so far... But, when checking one of my 120's today, I had a Marten tracks tromp by within 8 feet and not even think about my lure or bait... My questions are... How much lure or bait do you use? How generous should one be with the bait/lure? Do you...
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    newbie question

    I've found tons of great information on trapping here, and thank all of you that write in on all questions... I have had all questions answered regarding actually trapping Marten, but am unsure about the skinning/stretching process... Any help with this part or suggestions on who to go to...
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    Trail info

    I am looking to travel by sled from Knik/ Burma landing area to Trapper Lake without riding the rivers, is there a trail that connects up?
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    Wall Tent Stove

    I have a 12x14 wall tent and looking to get a stove that is big enough to keep warm, but not sure what size... Anyone with experience in stoves wanna share their insight... Looking at 2 different sizes right now 24L x14w OR 28L x 16W. Will I be up in the middle of the night to stoke fire...