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  1. Queen of Kings

    Seward Silver

    Historically July 1st is a good start of silvers starting to come in Pony Cove and Cheval. Has anyone had any luck yet? I plan to be out there Friday for a go!
  2. Queen of Kings

    Seward Silvers 2019

    Last year the run was a bit late coming in if I recall. Has any one had any activity this year yet out at Pony Cove, or closer in yet?
  3. Queen of Kings

    Main Bay Reds

    Any information on commercial openers? What activity does any one have so far fishing Reds this summer in main Bay?
  4. Queen of Kings

    Ranger 6X oil in Belt Cover

    I recently had my belt slipping and took off my belt cover. It was full of a heavy greasy oil sludge. My belt was soft and the back side shroud of the drive clutch was all gooped up. I am wondering if maybe my crank case seal is leaking? I also may have over filled the engine oil reservoir...
  5. Queen of Kings

    The Official Unit 13 Caribou Thread (2016-2017)

    I have this one picked out and waiting for me :-)
  6. Queen of Kings

    Dg 346

    Step son got drawn for this hunt. I have 22 Hewes and can get him access from the Day harbor side, but then you always have water and weather condition to come back for the pick up. I know there are accessible valleys from that side. Not much accessible terrain on the Resurrection Bay side...
  7. Queen of Kings

    Klutina Reds

    Any word or activity down there yet?
  8. Queen of Kings

    The official Unit 13 caribou thread.

    Current temp and forecast for Eureka Lodge:
  9. Queen of Kings

    Lurker Requesting Shimp Pics!

    Here is a few from Whittier Here is a few from Whittier from Whittier
  10. Queen of Kings

    How about this for Bear protection??
  11. Queen of Kings

    My Smith's saved my eyeball

    What can happen when you don't
  12. Queen of Kings

    Go my new Arch and rocket launchers done

    Had a soft top, so I built this to give me a platform for my shrimp pots and keep the rods out of the cabin while fishing! A freind had the bended and I had the welder!!
  13. Queen of Kings

    Some MOd's to my 08 Ranger 6 x 6

    I couldn't find where I could by some 1//2 doors so I made my own from some 3/16" alum plate, hinges and latch. Also my roll bar was too tall to go in my enclosed tralier, so I cut it and hinged it so I can just pull the back pins, roll the top forward to my front rack, and load in trailer...
  14. Queen of Kings

    20 MIle

    Driving home from Seward last night around 7:30 PM, I saw several boats around the beach area at 20 Mile. One looked a little strange from a distance and as I got closer, you could see the back end was sunk and the bow was up to the beach. BUMMER Any one know what happened? I bet that...
  15. Queen of Kings

    Seward Derby

    I will be there this weekend and next, who else is going?
  16. Queen of Kings

    Chicken Pass / Seward

    Hear it all the time on the radio. Can any one tell where it is? Location?
  17. Queen of Kings

    Taking On Water - Seward

    Saturday there was a call to the Coast Guard for a boat taking on water. The location was south of Pony cove. Following the radio discussion, it seemed that help came and they got back to Seward alright. Did any one ever hear what the cause was?
  18. Queen of Kings

    Trim Guage Question

    Last year my trim guage on the standard digital RPM master guage worked just fine. this is the trim bars on the right side of the guage. Well this year the bar indicators stay full no matter where I trim to. I can trim all the way down and they stay full? Any ideas. Where does this hook to the...
  19. Queen of Kings

    Valdez Blacks

    Just got back from Valdez, 4 days, first time there, man what a trip. Saw some where between 25-30 bear, lots of green showing up and tough to get a stalk on though. 4 of us and 4 bears. 1 very nice one over 6 and the others 5.5 to 5' Great trip, I will try to post some pics when I get them...
  20. Queen of Kings

    Another Penn Bear

    MY buddy went down for a quick trip last week ( I had a chance but didn't go:mad:) Here is his report: Thought you might enjoy this exceptional bear I took last week. The skull is 29”. The hide squared 11’-6” and weighed 127 pounds after field fleshed. The first picture with the hide folded in...