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    All 12 Chugach Front Range 5000 peaks visible from Anchorage?

    Does anyone know if there is a spot within the Anchorage bowl at (or near) ground level from which all twelve of the Chugach Front Range 5000-foot peaks would be visible simultaneously? I'd like to capture these peaks in a single photograph.
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    Have the land... now what?

    So I recently bought a plot of land in the Willow area. It's a small lot with lakefront, and mostly cleared/graveled. There was a dry cabin once upon a time, but everything has been removed. This will be mainly for family summer recreational use for a few years until we can afford to put some...
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    Anyone know how the road to Maud Rd range is?

    It’s been a good snow year and breakup is starting to get underway. Anyone been out to the range lately and know what the road looks like?
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    Saturn Kaboats

    Then I think this is a good boat for you. Looking toward the future, the 16' might be just a bit better for 3 people fishing from the boat. The 14' will probably work fine for now, while the kids are still young. If your 10yo is like mine, you probably spend half your time working with his rod...
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    Saturn Kaboats

    I've been contemplating the replacement for my 1-man, 9' cataraft. My 8 year old daughter has been showing more interest in floating around on the lakes and fishing with me, so that was becoming no longer practical. I settled on the 14' Saturn Kaboat. Ordered it through Brian over at Alaska...
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    U-Pick Veggies in MatSu Area?

    Does anyone know of a list of farms in the valley offering U-Pick? So far, the only thing I've been able to turn up on Google is Pyrahs Pioneer Peak Farm... which is a great location, but they're not open on Sundays, and I'd like to take the family out for some veggie gathering tomorrow...
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    How to use an electric smoker?

    I was given a Sportsman Elite 30" electric smoker for my birthday last week. I've never owned a smoker, so while I was looking over the instructions and some included recipes, I noticed the following: only use outdoors, do not use within 10 feet of anything flammable, and don't use in the rain...
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    Shore fishing in Seward?

    I have an unexpected trip to Seward this weekend... no time for a boat ride, though. I've never fished the bay from shore (or any saltwater from shore for that matter) - anyone know where to go and what to throw? Is this time of year even good for shore fishing?
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    mosquito netting inside a popup camper?

    I have a popup camper that I love (canvas siding), but it has just enough holes to let in the skeeters at night while we're sleeping. Last year wasn't too bad (skeeter population), but with the amount of the things we're getting this year, I'm trying to invent some sort of netting over our beds...
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    How to get started?

    I'm planning on buying an unimproved lot on the road system in the central Su valley area... most likely location contenders are: west of Willow (Long Lake, Crystal Lake, etc.); Caswell Lakes area; or somewhere in between. Eventual goal is to build a small cabin for weekend getaways and...
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    Clamming on Memorial Day Weekend

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this or not... hopefully so. My wife and I would like to try clamming this Mem. Day weekend. We've never clammed before, so we've been doing some reading on the topic. We have access to all necessary equipment to rent through the Air Force base, but...