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    Using the wrong primer?

    Hello all, I made a mistake while making rounds for my .375 H&H. I noticed my mistake on my data sheet a month later. I wrote down WLR as the primer of use. It should have read WLRM. Maybe it was an error in writing or maybe an error in loading I'm not sure as to which one. So the question is...
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    Traditions Vortex

    I'm contemplating on buying one of these. I like the way they look, and they do look like a lot of fun. Does anyone own a Traditions Vortex? If so what are your likes and dislikes about this gun? Thanks in advance!!!
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    Fishing lower Kenai

    This coming week, a lady friend and I will be trying our luck for reds. I have fished the Russian for years, but never the lower Kenai. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing fishing the lower river will be more productive. Are there areas that have easy bank fishing access? I've heard names...
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    223WSSM loads

    Anyone have some awesome recipes for this amazing cartridge? I'm trying to find a load that will not blowout large exit holes in lynx, wolf, coyote and fox. Are there even anyone out there that shoots the 223WSSM? So far I've loaded the 55gr Nosler Balistic tips, running 3700fps. Not a good out...
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    Birchwood price increase

    Does anyone know why Birchwood shooting range upped there price to $20 per shooter? It seems a bit excessive, but I guess they got you by the b@//$. where else are you going to go. Rabbit creeks out of the question, way to far to drive. Last time I was at rabbit creek range. The range masters...
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    Painting your guns

    I know there are quite a few garage painters out there. Who love to customize there gun stocks. I'm really interested in giving this a try my-self. If there are any artist out there, that would like to show off some of there art work. Please feel free and post some pictures here. I would like to...
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    Double Tap 230gr 10mm

    Anyone have load data for 230gr WFNGC for the 10mm. Just bought these last week from double tap, but can't find load data anywhere on the net. Double Tap has posted there ballistic data (listed below). How are they getting this hard hitting load??? Any suggestions??? -Thanks Josh-...
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    Mayoral Race

    Well for many folks in Anchorage, we'll be voting for mayor soon. I'm still undecided in this race, I’m not sure who would represent me better. I don't want to see the concealed carry go away in Anchorage. I Defiantly don't want higher property taxes. I also think that before we go giving more...
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    .480 cast performance loads

    I'm looking for some recipes using 375 gr Cast Performance using H110. If anyone has information i would greatly appreciate it. Also please include C.O.L. Thanks Josh