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    Chimney Pipe Install

    I am currently installing class A chimney from loft up through roof. A couple questions: 1) Does anyone seal the pipe where it goes through the ceiling to keep moisture out of the attic space? I know you are not supposed to for safety as the air space around the pipe keeps it colder...
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    Running Electrical

    Wondering if I could get some feeedback on running electric wires during new construction. I was originally going to do everything in 12-2 Romex, but then got to thinking that I might have problems with mice/squirrels chewing on the wires. This is a seasonal use cabin and I wouldn't be there...
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    New, Not so New Theory

    I am just spitballing here, but this fishing season seems to indicate that certain rivers met their escapement goals, other did not, and some age classes of fish seemed to be missing. I am sure we can agree that the majority of the problem is in the ocean and there are several contributing...
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    Purlins vs decking for Metal Roof

    Hi, Just trying to put the finishing touches on the plans for a very small 12x16 cabin and am unsure about the best way to install the metal roof. There seems to be two methods 1) purlins or 2) decking with felt. I am heavily leaning towards 2x4 purlins because the pitch is 12/12 and it will...
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    Trawlers--Something has to be done

    I am tired of seeing the King fisheries from all over the State dwindle. I think that a large contributing factor that we as humans can control is the bi-catch of the open sea trawlers. Now, how do we organize to do something about it? What agency should we be putting pressure on: ADF&G...