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  1. idakfisher


    Has anyone been into the silvers at Seward yet?
  2. idakfisher

    Seward silvers

    I have heard a rumor of the silvers showing up early in Resurection Bay. Any confirmation?
  3. idakfisher

    Two seats on the Huntress

    We have a long range trip scheduled out of Homer for this Friday with Josh on the Huntress. Two seats just became available. This should be a great trip. It only costs $300 ea because the whole boat was originally booked. If interested call the Hunress at 907-226-2233.
  4. idakfisher

    Seward silver fishing

    Are the silvers in? They should be in about now. How about your where and how reports.
  5. idakfisher

    Homer Reports

    How about some Homer reports?
  6. idakfisher

    Honda Kicker Question

    Have any of you taken the lower unit off of a Honda kicker? I need to replace my impeller. I have removed the five bolts that hold it on and I have disconected the shift rod. But, the lower unit still seems tightly connected. Any advice?
  7. idakfisher

    King trolling rigs

    I want to start trolling for kings this summer out of Homer. What would you recommend for the terminal end? Flasher, bait, hoochie, plug?
  8. idakfisher

    Where are the Seward Silvers?

    I had good catches last Friday and Saturday at Seward (in the bay), but died on Tuesday and Wednesday. Did others find it tough this week?
  9. idakfisher

    Chart question

    I bought a couple of charts that do not show miles. What is the conversion factor of minutes to miles?
  10. idakfisher

    Anchoring overnight

    I mostly fish out of Seward and have never spent the night on the water. What advice would you give me about anchoring, what type of location to look for, what weather conditions to avoid?
  11. idakfisher

    Fishwell Question

    I have an aluminum Kingfisher. How long can you keep fish in the fishwell and still be fairly sure they will be OK? All day? How about a two day trip?
  12. idakfisher

    Seward Fishing Question

    How far west or east of Resurection Bay do you have to go to get into a little bigger halibut? I've found a couple of decent "chicken spots", but haven't stuck a good halibut yet. And I haven't felt like traveling out to Monteque or west to Nuka Bay.
  13. idakfisher

    What knot?

    What knot do you use to tie 80lb. mono to either a jig, hook, or a swivel?
  14. idakfisher

    Anchor system help

    Last year I bought a used 2525 Kingfisher (I love it) that didn't have an anchor system. It originally had a 700 Lewmar but all that was removed before I got the boat. So, when I fished last summer I carried an anchor, rope, and bouy for emergencies; but, I have never anchored yet...
  15. idakfisher

    Favorite halibut hook

    :question:What is your favoriite halibut hook and what size? It seem that the standard advice is the circle hook, but I am not sure just when to set the hook-or, if I even should. One old guy I take out is often missing his fish using a circle hook because he wants to jerk the fishes' head...
  16. idakfisher

    Thru hull transducer

    I want to install a thru hull transducer in an aluminum boat. The hole in the boat bottom is 2 1/8" and the transducer I want to get is 2" in diameter. Is this going to fit ok? And what sealant should I use? And would I want to fully pack the space around the transducer as well as the lip of...
  17. idakfisher

    Standard horizon gps/depth

    Has anyone heard about (good or bad) the Standard Horizon cp500 GPS/depth finders?
  18. idakfisher

    Garmin 740s vs. Standard Horizon cp500

    I am considering the purchase of a new gps/fish finder. Have you heard any pro or cons with these two combo units? They both cost about the same--$1800. I had never heard of the Std Horizon, but it seems to have nice features and a giant screen. The Garmin unit is their newest technology...
  19. idakfisher

    30' osprey

    I am looking for a little help. I am boat shopping and I have found what looks like a great deal on a 30' Osprey. It has twin 270hp Volvo gas v-8s with low hours. I've been torn between an Osprey and a Kingfisher and really haven't been looking for this big of a boat. What would be the pros...
  20. idakfisher

    Wtb kingfisher boat

    Does anyone out there have a Kingfisher that they might want to sell that ia not already listed on Craigslist?