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    Walker Lake rapids to Kobuk River

    Has anyone floated from Walker Lake down to the Kobuk River? If so, was it a long distance to portage around the rapids? Google earth does not look like there is a trail either? Also, was the fishing in Walker any good? Supposedly Walker Lake is the only place South of the Brooks that has...
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    Expansion of Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex comments due

    Everyone, I am a retired Army Aviator, I fly the EMS helicopter assigned at Wolf Lake and I have my own Super Cub. I completely understand the need for flight training for our military. Practice is extremely important! What concerns me is the "down to 500ft AGL" and the IFR corridor that...
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    Trapping Supply Store in Eagle River???

    Does anyone know the name and/or phone number to the trapping supply store in Eagle River please? Also, is that the store that was on the Parks Highway just north of Church Road intersection? Thank you in advance. Brett
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    New CTAFs for the MatSu Valley coming May 29 in new publications

    Hello Everyone, Talked to the FAA yesterday and there are new CTAFs for the MatSu Valley coming May 29th in the new issue of Publications. All Pvt airports/strips will get mailed the procedures and they will be handing out information at the AK Aviation Gathering. These need to get the widest...
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    Elk hunting in Unit 76 Colorado?

    Have any Alaskans hunted Unit 76 in CO for bull elk? Any first hand knowledge would be appreciated. Thank you. Brett
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    Bull Moose out of the Mountains and in JBER yet?

    The JBER thread died after Sept and I have not seen anything about moose coming out of the mountains in ANC yet? Anyone seen any moose near JBER recently? Does it take deep snow to get moose moved lower even after the rut is over? A couple years ago a bus driver was talking about all the...
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    DS 384 HIGHEST Sheep harvests Statewide 2008-2012 disappeared?????

    Does anyone that lives in Unit 26 know what happened to the DS 384 Drawing and why it is not available? Is the RS 388 depleting the sheep population? Did Fish and Game really have "white money" to determine the sheep numbers are low or is something NOT BIOLOGICALLY driven?Below are the # of...
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    JBER Moose Drawing hunts shoot qualification dates yet?

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone heard or been notified by JBER when the JBER moose draw hunts shoot qualification dates are? Thank you, Brett
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    Icefishing Clarence Lake April 1st and 2nd

    We are going to fly to Clarence Lake (Northern Talkeetna Mtns)the beginning of April to have some fun trying to icefish. That lake and area is beautiful, but figuring out how to catch those lakers is challenging. Had a great time last year there, but no fish. Anyone have first hand experience...
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    Daughter's 1st Black Bear with her .243 Win

    I am pretty excited for my daughter's 1st Black Bear last night. She has watched her older brother get a sheep, goat, moose and his 1st Black Bear last Saturday. One shot from her .243 Win. She says: "Silly boys always talking about big guns, all it takes is the correct placement". She has...
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    Son's 1st Black bear

    I am real happy for my son. He shot his 1st black bear Saturday night. He cracks me up! After he shoots it, he says: " I am 4 for 4 Dad". His first big game was a Dall Sheep when he was 12. Then a goat at 13. Moose at 14. Now a bear at 16. Fathers, enjoy your kids! They grow up too fast...
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    Overflow on Alexander Lake?

    Has anyone landed on Alexander Lake recently that is willing to share overflow info? Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone know about the plane on it's nose in Matanuska River Saturday 25 June 11?

    Hello Everyone, My wife and I were flying home yesterday and saw what looked to be a blue and white Cub on it's nose in the Matanuska River, just off a gravel bar island. We circled twice and descended to have a look, but we did not land due to wind, the island gravel bar was too small for my...
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    Clarence Lake just SouthEast of Susitna River/Kosina Creek confluence

    Anyone ice fish this lake within the last couple years? If so, is/was it worth the flight? Thank You
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    Fuel tanks for Super Cub usage

    Hello Everyone, Will someone please tell me the reason truck (that go in tuck bed)fuel tanks (AIH for example) say diesel only? Liability? Or does the material they are made of cause condensation in 100LL and/or gasoline? What DOT law explains the maximum fuel tank I may carry in my truck...
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    Gravel bars on Eastern North Slope rivers

    Does anyone have first hand knowledge of sufficient gravel bars to land a Super Cub near the headwaters of the following rivers: Hulahula, Canning and Marsh Fork?
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    Lynx leg hold traps?

    I have a bunch of 2 1/2 Victor double coil spring traps with long chains and double hook grapples. These are not large enough for lynx are they?
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    Upper Salcha River

    Anyone know if the Upper Salcha River area (upstream from the North Fork confluence) has many gravel bars large enough for a cub landing? I floated the North Fork years ago and do not remember any gravel bars that large?