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  1. AKFreezerFiller

    Condolences to Brian M...

    An awful loss regardless but when I recognized Brian on the news it home even more. He is a great part of this community and my thoughts are with him and his family.
  2. AKFreezerFiller

    Winter on the Kenai

    I floated from bridge to Sportsman’s last Sunday with my dad. Not another boat to be seen on the water with single digit temperatures. The flow and fishing were both slow. Caught a spawned out silver and one rainbow. Had another one that seemed like a nice rainbow as it ran downstream then...
  3. AKFreezerFiller

    Winter on the Kenai

    Appreciate the response, KBF! I have been watching the flow rates and assumed the answer was yes but wanted to check before dragging the boat down. Gonna try some new things out this weekend.
  4. AKFreezerFiller

    Winter on the Kenai

    I have fished the Upper this late on foot in the past but I am curious if it is still floatable in a drift boat. I met a guy last year that said he floats is in a one-man cataraft all the way up until Thanksgiving. Any info would be appreciated for the upcoming weekend.
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    Sighted Lost Dog - Denali Highway

    When coming back from caribou hunting on the Denali Highway, we saw a lost dog running along the road at about Mile 109. The dog was a husky breed with a bright yellow/orange Remington vest on it. The dog had tags on it and was trained to at least sit and lay but too spooked to let us see the...
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    Willow Float - Deception to Big Su

    I am looking to float the Willow this weekend in my new 14' raft. I used to float this section in a one man cataraft a number years ago and remember it being an easy float but thought I would see if anybody has floated it recently. Any obstacles to avoid or anything I need to look out for...
  7. AKFreezerFiller

    Crescent Lake Goat Hunt (DG338) - Any Suggestions?

    My brother drew the DG338 goat tag for around Crescent Lake so I am doing some planning. I have a couple routes I am looking at and we will probably do some more scouting prior to hunting. Suggestions from anybody that has done this hunt or knows the area would be very appreciated.
  8. AKFreezerFiller

    Beluga Lake Area - Moose Hunting

    I am headed out the next week for an exploration trip at a friend's new land around the Beluga Lake area with the intent to hopefully find some moose. Has anybody moose hunted this area and care to give any suggestions?
  9. AKFreezerFiller

    Parks Streams - Any Luck?

    Anybody been trout fishing any of the Parks streams recently? I plan to head up tomorrow and a couple other days this week and wondered how it has been fishing. While I am very familiar with these streams, I have to admit that I don't normally fish it this time of year (usually chasing moose...
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    Upper Kenai Walk-In Fishing

    I am heading through Cooper Landing tomorrow with a buddy from out of state and hoping to get him some easy fishing. I have floated the Upper Kenai many times and hiked in Hidden Creek/above Skilak in late fall and spring but haven't walked/hiked in at this time of the year. Does anybody...
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    2014 Hunting Photo Gallery

    A good week in Alaska!
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    The official Unit 13 Caribou thread (2014-2015)

    The official Unit 13 Caribou thread (2014-2015) Ran up Saturday morning to give my wife's DC482 tag one last chance. Drive from Cantwell to Alpine Creek was pretty nice with just a thin layer of smow but the road got rough and snow deep after that. Didn't see any caribou the whole day until...
  13. AKFreezerFiller

    Government Shutdown - Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Closure

    Just talked to Troutfitters as I was planning to float the Upper Kenai this weekend and supposedly they just received word that Kenai National Wildlife Refuge would be closed due to Government Shutdown. It sounds like this affects public and private fishing from Kenai Lake to the Keys. The...
  14. AKFreezerFiller

    Russian River - Lost Fly Rod

    I found a fly rod/reel in the middle of the road at the Russian River. If somebody lost their setup and can tell me the rod/reel type and weight, I would be happy to return it.
  15. AKFreezerFiller

    Any news on king fishing at Clear Creek?

    Been thinking about heading up to Clear Creek as it usually gets good towards the end of June. Anybody been up that way yet? Hows the fishin'? Getting crowded yet?
  16. AKFreezerFiller

    Upper Kenai Opener - Recommended Patterns

    I will going down to the Upper Kenai opener Saturday and will be floating it (cataraft) in search of my first Kenai hog. I am fairly new to fly fishing (3 years) and even newer to the Kenai (a few fall/winter hike-ins, floated it last opener due to lack of Russian reds). I grew up in the...