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  1. J

    looking for a transporter; airboat, ivishak river

    Thanks, ...guy. Was up there since this post in '18 and there is a city there now. Crazy.
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    Anyone had dealings with Great Land Windows in Fairbanks?

    Very good to me several years ago (whole house of windows and a patio door). Got good advice on adjusting door and even a visit to finalize it. Good people. Busy, but reliable.
  3. J

    Valdez pinks? Silvers?

    Are the pinks still running pretty strong in Valdez? While we're at it, what about the silver run? With the limit down to 3, I suppose it is not hot, but maybe pretty good? I'll be shore fishing. Thanks.
  4. J

    Fishing the Kenai for 'bows on foot

    After 49 yrs, I'm gonna try fly/bead fishing the Kenai for rainbows. Questions: Is it advisable to fish via wading in the Upper river in late June/July, or is the water generally too high? Wait until after Labor Day? What about the Middle River in the same months? As I don't think much salmon...
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    Kenai River guide recs; very old

    Am I missing something? I am trying to hook up with a good guide for Kenai rainbows, and all the reviews I can find are at least 6 yrs old. Does anyone have any more current info? We want to fish any section of the river where there are fish. Any recent info on a good rainbow guide? Thanks. john
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    Kenai/Russian 'bows: Fly rod? Spin? Bait cast?

    Is there any fish-catching advantage to fishing these rivers for rainbows w/ a fly rod over spinning or bait casting? For bouncing beads and bobbers of some sort, I don't see it myself. Are flies and a fly rod a superior weapon to bait casting beads? Where do the old-time spinning rod and...
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    lake louise in sept?

    what are the prospects of catching lakers in louise right now? i am STILL trying to get my sorry ***** down there. very frustrating.... thanks for any info. john
  8. J

    distance cannon ball to lure?

    how far is "typical" for the distance from your downrigger ball to your lure? i generally run 20-30' back when trolling 30-50' deep. may shorten that if much deeper trolling. just wondering.... thanks. j
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    hand held 2-way radios

    (i thought i posted this earlier today, but apparently did not hit the right key.) any recommendations on newer models of hand-held, two-way radios? the "brand names", like garmin, motorola, etc, don't seem to rate well on amazon; lots of #1 and #2 ratings. that is pretty discouraging, but...
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    Kenai dipnetting location

    I am wondering where people generally dipnet on the Kenai. Years ago I think I launched at the city ramp (? near the ocean) and ran upstream a few miles; drifted along a muddy bank somewhere and slayed 'em. Is there a preferred area, like near the mouth, or just "where the fish are"? Thanks. j
  11. J

    Need partner; Kenai River soon

    I'll be going to the Kenai soon, fishing for kings and would also like to dipnet. I have fished the Kenai twice; killed 'em years ago, got Jack Stink last year, both times in a boat. Dipnetted there once and killed 'em. I have a 16' Solar with a 50/35 Tohatsu. Time frame is flexible, but "soon"...
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    do they get much bigger? first one i've ever caught. plenty or irish lords, but never one of these. it is back swimming around; could not have eaten this ugly mutha if i were starving. cheers. j
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    tractor launch experiences ???

    i am considering using one of the tractor launches in cook inlet, but am a little concerned about how risky it is. i can forsee coming in w/ moderate waves and a decent tide and it being hell to get a boat onto a trailer. i guess it must work most of the time, but..... any horror stories...
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    Does fish stink expire?

    do you guys/gals chuck your herring oil and all the other assorted bait greases at the end of the year, or do they keep? i'm inclined to think that they get rancid and should be chucked. thanks. j
  15. J

    Speed with Solar 470 Arrow?

    What kind of speeds are you guys getting with a good load? I've been running 800 lbs, trying to dial in the motor settings, and I am not getting what I'd call real speed. Jim has had suggestions, but nothing is making much difference. The first day I was not focused well and just "thump tested"...
  16. J

    Solar seat slides. Any problems?

    Is anyone else having bad luck with the plastic slides (channels) on the seats of a Solar? We had one side arrive broken, and one broke while sliding the seat onto the boat. WTB? Just wondering if the Russians got a bad run of plastic, or what. Thanks. j
  17. J

    Portable 12 gallon gas tanks

    I am in need of a new, 12 gallon gas tank. The ones I've used have always done pretty well, though some didn't vent super well all the time. On reading reviews on Amazon, etc, they seem to be like most anything these days; 15% or so one-star or two-star ratings. I see MANY that say "don't vent...
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    Height of jet foot relative to top of tunnel?

    If I recall (nothing exciting came up searching quickly) your jet foot should sit about 1/4-1/2" below the top of your hull's tunnel. Roger that? This is for an inflatable, btw. Thanks. john
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    water levels (again), this time the yukon and just north

    I see that the Yukon is above average. Any info on rivers north of it, like the Koyukuk, etc? A few weeks ago we were on the Ivishak when that area exploded and it was amazing, but not fun in the slightest. The Sag was borderline death; 3' standing waves, just a filthy, raging mess. Had I known...
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    underwater viewing camera?

    Of any practical use, or just toys that quickly end up on craig's list? Anyone use one and have an assessment thereof?