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  1. arcticfox77

    any ideas on getting leaf stains out of fiberglass?

    any ideas appreciated. i was thinking maybe some CLR?
  2. arcticfox77

    question about sea otters

    i just got two sea otters out of whittier this weekend and i was wondering if there was a certain dept or person at fish and game to get the hides tagged and drop off the skulls. any help appreciated
  3. arcticfox77

    problem with ruger 10/22

    i just replaced the barrel and stock of my 10/22 with a green mountain ss fluted bull barrel and hogue stock. i noticed that when i try to release the magazine it sticks and sometimes it takes a lil bit to get it out. also any recommendations on who to take it to to get a scope mounted and bore...
  4. arcticfox77

    hide question...

    got to get a sealskin ready for the tannery and i was wondering if it was okay to wash it in the tub after i fleshed it. what kind of soap can you use? i need to get the blood out of it. after it is washed do i dry it then salt it? or is it okay to salt after i pat it dry with rags. thanks for...
  5. arcticfox77

    how do you get blood stains out of fiberglass?

    got a little seal blood on my boat this weekend and i scrubbed it down twice with two different cleaners and rags and scrub brushes. got the blood off but it left a discoloration on the fiberglass. is there a way to get it back the way it was? any ideas appreciated...
  6. arcticfox77

    bottom paint removal

    with the long weekend coming up i was thinking of removing the bottom paint on my boat. it is already flaking off in some pretty good sized chunks. from what i can tell whoever did the paint in the first place didnt do any prep on the hull before painting. the fiberglass looks smooth and shiny...
  7. arcticfox77

    how do i get a new sticker?

    the one im talking about is the blue coast guard sticker. mine is up at the end of the year and was wondering if the was somewhere i had to take it to get inspected or something. thanks
  8. arcticfox77

    anybody been out of whittier yet?

    was thinking about taking the boat down there for a spin this weekend if the weather is nice. are the new ramps open? have they cleared out the parking area, and if not, can you park in front of the harbor? thanks!
  9. arcticfox77

    t/c r-55

    anybody have any experience with these rifles? i want to get the all weather version chambered in .22 they are pretty slick looking. any info is appreciated.
  10. arcticfox77

    whats the earliest you have caught halibut?

    im planning my first trip at the end of april in homer. was wondering if it would be worth it to bring my halibut gear or if it was gonna be too early to get some halibut fishing in. thanks
  11. arcticfox77

    when is your first trip out going to be?

    im planning a trip out of homer about mid april. cant wait to unwrap the boat and get it ready for this summer!!!
  12. arcticfox77

    where to get trailer work done?

    i was out back checkin my boat and i think im gonna replace my rims and tires along with repacking the bearings. any suggestions on where to take it to get the work done? thanks
  13. arcticfox77

    recommendations for a hand held gps...

    i was wanting to get one before spring. wouldnt know what to look for in a unit. just gonna use it to plot honey holes mostly. whats a reasonable price for one? thanks!
  14. arcticfox77

    how long are batteries supposed to last?

    bought my boat two years ago and i never looked to see how the battery was. it ran well these past two seasons without any problems. was wondering how often to change the batteries. gonna have to wait till spring to check to see what the battery condition is like. where would i pick up a new one...
  15. arcticfox77

    info on breaking in a barrel...

    i just bought a youth 10-22 for my son and was wondering how to break in the barrel. any advice is appreciated...
  16. arcticfox77

    question about ss props...

    does it make a difference if you have one? i have the factory prop on my 08 yami 75. do they give you more speed? better fuel economy? any advice is appreciated.
  17. arcticfox77

    was thinking of repowering before winter

    any advice on evinrude etec 75 or honda 90 f/s is appreciated. im torn between the two. i currently have a yami 75 f/s on a 17ft arima sea ranger. usually i carry one passenger, sometimes two when fishing. hows the fuel economy for these two motors? i think i have a 18 gallon main and i carry a...
  18. arcticfox77

    anybody have a hydrofoil on their outboard?

    i was thinking of putting one on my 75 yami f/s. what are the pros and cons? as i understand it they are supposed to help you get on step right? any info is appreciated, thanks
  19. arcticfox77

    any ideas for whittier?

    im gonna go run my boat in whittier tomorrow(sat.) and i have never fished there before any info would be appreciated. probrably gonna run in the main channel there or in pigot bay. hoping to hook up with something while im there. thanks!
  20. arcticfox77

    anyone know who carries barnes bullets?

    i am specifically looking for barnes triple shocks in 22 lr caliber. looked at sportsmans and they didnt have any. my next place to try was maybe great nothern guns along with a few other places. any help is appreciated thanks!