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  1. Rising_Creek

    New Fish Phone

    Has anyone tried the new fish phone?
  2. Rising_Creek

    Cow Down!

    My daughter and I got our first moose.
  3. Rising_Creek

    A gun for sons first black bear

    My son is 11 and has taken hunter's ed. We may go for a black bear this spring. I am considering .30-06 or maybe .243 for him to shoot. Anyone have kids close to this age with a similar experience? What worked for you?
  4. Rising_Creek

    Butterfly Lake

    Anyone ice fish Butterfly Lake? Heading that way over the weekend and would appreciate any pointers. I use a vexilar and have been finding char at about 20 feet. My theory is that is where the oxygen is this time of year. Thanks
  5. Rising_Creek

    Big Lake Char

    ​Had some success from Burn Point on Big Lake.
  6. Rising_Creek

    Rod build question

    I am a first time fly rod builder. I think I have figured out the wraps. But my guides are not aligned. The rod is 10ft. Any tricks for getting all 11 guides straight?​
  7. Rising_Creek

    10ft 6wt Batson blanks fly rod build

    First time rod builder. Last year I glued and shaped the cork handle. Over holidays I hope to get the wraps made and finish coat. Plan to use this rod for lakes from canoe or float tube.
  8. Rising_Creek

    Daniel L. Quick author

    Does anyone know if the author of "Kenai Canoe Trails" can be contacted through this site? I thought I remembered seeing a post about lakes he suggested to fish on the Kenai on this site. I have searched, but have not found the post I wanted. I am planning some ice fishing over xmas break and...
  9. Rising_Creek

    Pt Mckenzie Overflow

    Watch out for over flow on Pt Mckenzie. Spent a few hours last weekend getting a machine off the lake. No time left to fish.
  10. Rising_Creek

    March cabin rental

    A friend and I would like to take our sons ice fishing in March. I am thinking about a fly out trip to a cabin I could rent. Probably 2 nights. If you know a charter that can put this together please let me know. I need the flight, cabin and a good lake. I have an auger, a popup ice shanty and...
  11. Rising_Creek

    Rod build

    I am building a 6wt this winter. Anyone in Anchorage have a drying motor I could borrow?:proud:
  12. Rising_Creek

    Boy's Big Bow

    Success on the ice in the Matsu. Ice was not as thick as I expected, only about 8 inches.
  13. Rising_Creek

    Motor vs Paddle ?

    Isn't a canoe meant for a paddle trip? I don't mean to make waves here but this forum is more about how to put a motor on a canoe than how to paddle the current of a river or work the wind of a lake. Maybe the best thing about the canoe is its versatilitity. I really enjoy a human powered...
  14. Rising_Creek

    Glen Hwy lakes?

    Can anyone suggest lakes north of Sutton along GLen Hwy for trout or grayling? My son and I enjoy getting out with my canoe. I am looking for new territory. PM me if you want to discuss the area.
  15. Rising_Creek

    Curry to Talkeetna

    I am taking the train north to Talkeetna to Curry with the family in tow. Plan to do a day float back to Talkeetna on the Su. Anyone done this? If you have a river report or words of wisdom let me know. Is it worth bringing a rod for any clear creeks along the way?
  16. Rising_Creek

    Gettin' Grayling

    Lake fishing success with my fishing partner.
  17. Rising_Creek

    Bonnie Lake

    Anyone have good things to say about Bonnie Lake MP 83 Glenn HWY? My son and I plan to give it a try tomorrow. We plan to take the canoe. Any patterns to suggest? Any other lakes in the area you think are better. I have to show this kid I can put him on fish. =)
  18. Rising_Creek

    Kroto to Deshka Landing

    Anyone canoe from Kroto Creek at Petersville to Deshka Landing? Any intel is appreciated. I have a tandem Old Town, no motor.
  19. Rising_Creek

    Matsu Bow

    A good day fishing in the Valley.
  20. Rising_Creek

    Where for lakers?

    Looking for lake trout. I am looking for tips on where I should try. Does anyone know about cabin rental on Louise?