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  1. Kmagers

    Boat Inspection and Appraisal Reccomendations

    Folks, looking for a shop in Wasilla or Anchorage to have a boat inspected and appraised. Might be buying it and just want it looked at before i drive down there myself. I'm not that mechanically inclined in the first place. Any recommendations?
  2. Kmagers

    Power to Weight Ratio

    Ok guys, im looking into buying a 20' thunderjet. It has a 115 prop on it when i jet it it will be 81ish. I plan on running some interior rivers such as chena, tanana, chitina also. When i take it to the salt ill put the prop back on. Im worried this might be a little under powered for moose...
  3. Kmagers

    Please make room in your Inbox Kotton

    Trying to send you a PM. thanks.
  4. Kmagers

    DB245 Southwest Kodiak Sturgeon and Karluk rivers.

    As the title says, DB24 between the sturgeon and Karluk rivers on southwest Kodiak. Me and my non res brother got this tag for next spring. Long time to plan. I was really hoping to talk to others who've hunted this tag in the springtime if you are willing… We've got basic plan , fly in with...
  5. Kmagers

    Kodiak "Exclusive Guide Areas"

    What is this besides the obvious, and where can I see a map/list of said areas. Looking to put in for DB245 Sturgeon river area. Based on zero info but stats point to yes for me. Feel free to tell me not to apply for it for any reason but really jut curious wat this exclusive area stuff is.
  6. Kmagers

    SE Bear Hunting Adventure!!

    I cant explain enough how great of weather we had for SE.
  7. Kmagers

    SE Bear Hunting Adventure!!

    Rhe glorious phone charger that that short circuited. And the aggressive sea lion.
  8. Kmagers

    SE Bear Hunting Adventure!!

    Here you can can see the rubs. Also a large boar. Couldnt of done it without you lane!! Thanks for the help.
  9. Kmagers

    SE Bear Hunting Adventure!!

    Here is where the second bear bear was shot from. You can see us gutting in the background. That round rock is the one that I blame for missing my shot. Joshs bear. Skull was 19 14/16. Didn’t measure the hide though. A few rubs. But overall not too bad.
  10. Kmagers

    SE Bear Hunting Adventure!!

    This is was a rough morning. We were determined to get it in he water though. Here is our our home on the beach.
  11. Kmagers

    SE Bear Hunting Adventure!!

    Sorry for the sideways pic. But if you look you can see boots on he crab pot. This is the morning where my boots were missing. That crab pot is in the grass. I never would have thought he water was going to get hat high. Never got a measurement on this on this one due to a close range head...
  12. Kmagers

    SE Bear Hunting Adventure!!

    Had great weather for the whole trip. This is what it looked like like when Kenny shot his bear. Yes he has no pants. Just in his ski bows. This is the 3rd bear stalk he has done with no pants because of a bunch of particular scenarios. This is the only pantsless stalk that has been a success.
  13. Kmagers

    SE Bear Hunting Adventure!!

    This is going to be long but worth the read. Soit all started over a year ago for me when I started a new job and 2 of theguys there I kind of knew from before I worked there. Needless to say they'dhad some bad luck when it comes to big game. A decent streak of strikeouts. Ipersonally had never...
  14. Kmagers

    Pertersburg Duncan Bay Bear Hunting

    So its a done deal already got plane tickets and time off work. Group f 3 of us heading down for some bear hunting. Reserved a cabin in Duncan bay. Anyone got any tips for the area? We most likely will use a transporter and get dropped off. The cabin has a row boat for use. We got the gear but...
  15. Kmagers

    2017 Hunting Pictures

    Moose down Moose down No great story. Two years in a row on the 2nd of September. Starting a tradition haha.Shot was from 20 yds with a 375hh in 20b.
  16. Kmagers

    Roads, paths, and trails Haines area.....

    Im looking for info in october about anything ya'll are willing to offer up. Just looking to get my truck or wheeler a little closer to the start off the walking. south of Walker lake/Tsirku river is where i'm trying to get to. I know there is some private area up there. Looking to get up to...
  17. Kmagers

    Need another trailer

    1975 trailer built by a welder. Ive drug it all over the US with zero problems from the trailer. I blew the leaf springs in half once but not the trailers fault. haha if you want quality get it built right. Alaskan made.
  18. Kmagers

    Montana Rifle Company

    Thats his answer.
  19. Kmagers

    When/why moose lose antlers

    So I was told with reasonable certainty the other day that moose who reproduce loose antlers before moose who do not. Due to more production of testosterone with he reproducing bulls their antlers fall off first. Has anyone else heard this? Know this to be true? Heard this through family...
  20. Kmagers

    Can anyone say whether this is a real picture?

    My grandpa sent me this asking if it was real. It seems real with the bend in the back of the meat wagon. The bear had the characteristics of a large bear. But also the bear might not be that big cuz it's in there whole, and the picture angle could've changed the perception.