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    2006 Honda TRX 250 EX electrical problem

    2006 Honda TRX 250 EX electrical problem: With spark plug removed and attached to plug cap, tried cranking engine to check spark. Spark was initially strong then after a one revolution spark dies out while engine continues to crank over. What would cause this problem? Thanks
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    Kanektok River Fishing & High Gas Prices

    Just an update for anyone thinking about flying out to the Kanektok River this summer to fish, be prepared to pay $ 5.35/gal. for gasoline at the pump here in town. It is also rumored that prices may increase after the first fuel barge arrives in June or early July. Will post additional updates...
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    Kanektok King Salmon

    On May 15, 2007 around 10:00 a.m. during the high tide a local subsistence fisherman who is also the local Pastor for the Moravian Church here in Quinhagak caught the first king salmon of the season in his gillnet out in the bay, near the mouth of the Kanektok River. The king salmon was...
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    Kapuukaq (buttercup) Ranunculus sp.

    "Kapuukaq" are wild plants gathered by Yup'ik women from the bottom of tundra ponds along the sides this time of the year. Traditionally this plant is added to waterfowl dishes suchas; goose soup or sauteed as a side dish when having fried waterfowl. Since there are a variety of species in the...
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    Leporidea (Hare & Rabbit species)

    After reading some of the posts from other forums and knowing that their have been instances where domestic/pet rabbits have been let loose or ran off into the wild. I am curious if these new species will start establishing populations in those same areas. Knowing that there are just 2 wild...
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    Walrus and Seal Hunting

    Anyone go walrus and/or seal hunting this spring? The weather is getting really nice now since spring has arrived, good seal hunting weather.
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    WTH Kuskokwim Black Bear

    "Want to hunt" black bear on the Kuskokwim River, where is the best place to go? area with a high chance of success. I never hunted them before, but I seen one before, once on the Holitna River when I was hunting moose, it ran into the woods so fast that me and my hunting partners never even had...
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    Caribou hunting and the Smith & Wesson 41 Mag

    If I remember correctly it was the fall of 2001 when a friend and I planned out a weekend caribou hunting trip. He was planning on using his Smith & Wesson model 657 41 magnum while I was planning on bringing my Sako Model 75 Stainless in 300 Winchester Magnum mounted with a Leupold VXIII 2.5-8...
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    Success at last

    Great, now we are on a roll, thanks for creating this new Alaska Handgun forum, data pays off. Time for some handgun dialogue and discourse. Any takers?
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    Off the beaten trail....a real outdoorsman

    I was told a story one time by a man who had recently moved to Alaska, this was some years back. He had a goal in mind to become an outdoorsman a “Real Woodsman”. So one day he decided he would snow-machine upriver on his Ski-doo Tundra like all the other men in town to gather some dry wood, for...
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    Waterfowl hunting humor

    Heard a story about a man who went out waterfowl hunting with my uncle and his hunting partners, this happened quite a few years ago when I was still a boy. Well this man was an older man, WW2 veteran, former Air Force pilot. He was an experienced big game hunter, loved to hunt Dall Sheep and...
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    Hunting methods for ptarmigan and rabbits

    I am curious about how other folks hunt ptarmigan and rabbits. Out here where I live in Rural AK we primarily hunt ptarmigan in the winter and early spring months when we can travel on our snowmachines to the areas where they are abundant. Most folks shoot them with 22 cal. rifles, some use...
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    Winchester Mdl 70 Trigger (safety issue) Rifle Shooter GunSmithing Section Article: One Man’s Perfect Rifle by Jon R. Sundra Page 3 of article The author is stating in his article that there is a safety issue with the Winchester Model 70 trigger since it does not...
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    Reloading Bench plans

    I would like to build a reloading bench so I can mount my press and get started with reloading. I know there are commercially made benchs available, but I would rather build my own. I am looking for building plans, can anyone direct me to a website or other source for building reloading benches...
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    35 Sambar (358 WSM)

    I have been doing some reading on the 358 WSM, otherwise know in Australia as the 35 Sambar. Cartridges of the World 11th Edition by Frank C. Barnes has it listed as a Wildcat Cartridge developed by Breil Jackson. The article on page 214 states that the 35 Sambar is a 300 WSM necked up with no...
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    Invasive Species and Feral Animal Populations

    Invasive Species and Feral Animal Populations are becoming more prevalent in our state, so I thought why not start a discussion on the subject here on the forum. Maybe a list can be generated with information on locations where the various species were sighted. I heard that a white crane was...
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    325WSM R/H Rifle Project Plans

    Description Of New Rifle Project Caliber: 325 WSM Action: R/H MRC 1999 BSRM, 415 SS, Bolt face .534”, Mag Box Length 3.125” Trigger: adjusted to 3lb trigger pull Barrel: MRC 24" #4 Contour, Recessed Target Crown, 1-10” Twist Stock: McMillan Super Grade fiberglass, molded in dark camouflage...
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    Chased by a Brown Bear

    Chased by a Brown Bear Last spring about this time of the year I went out ptarmigan hunting, I snow-machined approximately 25 miles north of my community to the headwaters of a drainage that we know locally as Warehouse Creek, which is also known to have a few flocks of ptarmigan during...
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    Dumpster Moose photo

    Sad state of affairs when wild animals like this moose become so habituated to the human presence that they resort to scavenging food from municipal dumpsters. This photo was taken just yesterday by my daughter who is a student attending University of Alaska Anchorage.
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    Handgun Forum ideas and support

    Anyone interested in convincing the webmaster to create a "Handgun Forum" for handgun hunters/pistol shooters/and enthusiasts? What are your thoughts?