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  1. Romo

    Just got this in from my 2019 Kodiak hunt

    Thanks to Lance Kronberger, John Rydeen and Brandon Hamilton for the hunt and all their effort.
  2. Romo

    Day 19 of a 15-day hunt

    In July 2016, I planned a brown bear hunt on Kodiak for May 1 - 15. But, on April 19, an email popped up on my phone from Lance Kronberger's wife, Nikki. "I just wanted to let you know that our first set of hunters are already done on Kodiak. If you are able to fly up here sooner than your...
  3. Romo

    .270 gr TSX vs. 300 gr. TSX

    Getting loaded for a 2015 Kodiak bear hunt. Any recommendations on the better triple shock bullet?
  4. Romo

    Scoping a .375H&H for a Kodiak brown bear hunt

    Is a Swaro 2.5-10x42 too much scope for this rifle and hunt?
  5. Romo

    Semi-Custom .375 h&h

    So, I'm building a semi-custom LH .375 h&h for a 2015 Kodiak bear hunt. It's a LH Win Model 70. I'm tossing the stock and putting a McMillan. The questions are: 1. Do I cut it from 24" to 22"? Why/why not? 2. Do I Cerakote or Duracoat? Why/why not? Thanks in advance for the input.
  6. Romo

    Camo patterns

    Does anyone believe there's a need for a new waterfowling camo pattern? If so, what do you think works or doesn't work? Do you think the camo should be contrast and confuse or photorealism. What do you like and dislike? Realtree, Mossy Oak, Optifade?
  7. Romo

    Kodiak 2015 brown bear hunt

    On February 26th, after much research and discussions, I booked my dream hunt for brown bear on Kodiak for Spring 2015 with a very reputable and legendary outfitter in a very quality area. Today, I was informed that he cannot fulfill the contract and my deposit was returned. I was told: "The...
  8. Romo

    Need help ASAP

    Dean aka Wildone is waiting on his plane at Warbalows in Fairbanks. He rented 2 Pro Pioneers but the company who he rented it from delivered it yesterday without a pump. He called but they're closed and I call Larry Bartlett but he's out until the 22nd. Anyone have a Pro Pioneer pump in...
  9. Romo

    Barney's website

    It's been about a year since I asked when their site will be up and running. Anyone know?
  10. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    Hooking up with cousin Roy (aka trapak) in Fairbanks after his sheep hunt and our 'bou hunt.
  11. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    A proud nephew and the meat cache waiting for pick-up
  12. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    A few more pics... Glassing to the north and camp from up on "Mohawk Hill"
  13. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    We saw quite a few cows over the next couple of days and saw 1 bull that was worthy of taking about 30 minutes before being extracted but I had a representative Alaskan caribou and everyone was well satisfied with our hunt and harvests. We were picked up in rainy and somewhat foggy conditions...
  14. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    That night, we ate fresh caribou using the 10 lb. bag of charcoal we had brought with us and decided to sleep in. Even though I had another tag, I decided I wouldn’t shoot another bull unless it was decidedly bigger than any of the 3 we had already bagged. The next day we spent hauling the...
  15. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    On the 3rd morning, we got to the top of the knob again at 6ish and within an hour we spotted a group of 6 caribou on the north end of the valley. We watched them as they crossed the valley floor and then proceeded to rest on an island in between the river braids. There were 3 bulls in the...
  16. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    The next morning we repeated the same thing. This time we saw 1 bull on the north end of the valley and 1 bull on the south end of the valley. It was a rather uneventful day.
  17. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    The next morning, we woke up and hiked/climbed to the top of a knob at 6:00 a.m. to start glassing. We spotted a dandy bull on the opposite side but he went up a drainage never to be spotted again. We also spotted some ‘bou on the north end of the valley approximately 4-5 miles away and...
  18. Romo

    2010 Brooks Range caribou hunt

    Dates Hunted: August 12-20, 2010 Flights: To Alaska: Continental from Lafayette, LA to Anchorage, AK and ERA Aviation from Anchorage to Fairbanks; American Airlines from Baton Rouge, LA to Fairbanks, AK. From Alaska: Alaska Airlines from Fairbanks to Anchorage, Continental from Anchorage to...
  19. Romo

    Where to buy Citric Acid in Fairbanks?

    Leaving for the Brooks in a couple of days and tying up all the loose ends...I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me where to buy citric acid in Fairbanks. Thanks.
  20. Romo

    Best way to ship cape and horns

    Looking for best way to ship cape and horns from Fairbanks to Anchorage; and, maybe meat. In the past I've used Everts from Galena to Anchorage and I see Everts goes via truck from FAI to ANC. I also see that Alaska Air does cargo from FAI to ANC too. Any recommendations? Thanks.