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    Flying wild alaska

    Guess I've watched all the "Flying Wild Alaska" segments that I care to. I can tell you now that I would hesitate to fly with a single engine pilot who uses flaps when landing in a 30-knot crosswind! And I get nervous watching a pilot relaxing his control of the yoke simply because the wheels...
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    Can't believe it !!!

    I asked for any stories that some of you wild and wooly bush pilots might want to share with the world. Do you mean to say that none of you has had any Alaska flying experience that is worth the telling? Surely Mr Pid and FloatPilot must have had had a surprising, scary, or just plain exciting...
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    Navigational computer

    I expect that most of you are familiar with the (old) E6-B computer. Has anyone out there had experience with any other of the mechanical computers? For instance, the BATORI COMPUTER? I started on the E6-B while in the USAF, but found a much easier one that, at the time, was being used by...
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    I know that a lot of you guys flying Alaska have had some very interesting flights. Maybe because of weather? Fuel concerns? A slightly dinged airplane? A really banged up flying machine? I'm in the middle of still another book, and I'd like to include a tale about your flying experiences...
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    First Caribou

    Has anyone here taken a caribou prior to September, 1953? That's the year that I took mine up Hicks Creek, nine miles in from the highway, and I wonder whether I might be the first white man to take a caribou with a bow . . . . .
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    The POH for my old (1984) turbocharged C-206 amphibian shows a Flight Load Factor of 3.8 with flaps up. It also shows that the design load factors are 150% times this number, and that the structure meets or exceeds design loads. Does someone out there want to interpret those numbers:question...
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    Grizzly 1

    Will someone please tell me why this "adult material" keeps popping up on our "Alaska Bush Flying" site? It appears to be Russian, and if so, my software says it is not only Russian but advertisements for adult materials. Can anyone track it down and eliminate it? Or do my contemporaries...
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    New Book

    Some of you guys had such a good time taking me over the coals for my first book, "Flying the Alaska Wild" that I thought I'd give you a heads-up so you could be first in line to scalp me over its sequel, "The Alaska Bush Pilot Chronicles." The title isn't my idea, in case you think I'm trying...
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    Grizzly 1

    Has anyone here read Cohn's book, "They Called it Pilot Error?" Mor to the point, anyone have any comments on it? I'd be very interested in how the rest of you viewed the thing . . . . . :rolleyes: Thanx, Mort Mason
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    Grizzly 1

    Has anyone been in the Nugget Bench area west of Talkeetna during the past year? I'm trying to find out whether or not there is any mining activity around there these days. I'll appreciate any response. Thanks . . . . . Mort