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    First tent camping of the year.

    My husband and I had a great time up in Trappers Creek camping. The last snowmachine trip of the year though. We were only stuck for three hours :O. Really great trip and didn't get cold either
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    Open Water???

    Is there any open water in south central or the Kenai yet? I really have the itch!
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    Fly Tying Newbie

    Just started tying my own flies today and i'm HOOKED! Looking for some advice on tying my own, not from a kit. Any particular Alaska type fly tying books out there i should look into?
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    Long Lake (Glenn Hwy)

    The husband is hooked on this lake..... We headed out there this afternoon / evening. Tried a new spot i never see anyone fish. We ended up with 4 hookups in the 3 hours we were out there. Didn't land any but, karma i guess. I lost a nice laker right at the hole. All of the hook ups felt...
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    OK I need help!!!!!!

    Will someone please tell me where to go?! I have fished Upper Fire Lake for 3 years and have done great in to spring, summer and fall. I have yet to take a rainbow though the Ice! I know the structure in the lake, where the weed beds were but, the bows allude me. HELP!!!!
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    Have no lost hope yet!

    Trying Upper Fire Lake again. We live on it but have been skunked many times. The husband and I put out 4 wind tip-ups with many different jigs, baits and depths. Has anybody else ever fished this lake, lots of structure but its an unstocked lake. Any advice?
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    Where to fish this weekend?

    Anyone have some advice on where to head out fishing this weekend? Hoping to find some pike but I'm not holding my breath. Thanks :)