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    electrical service questions

    so we put in a burried 1.5 inch conduit while doing all the ground work. it comes up inside the garage/apartment in the slab. This past winter we got the new service put in to the main house ( new pole, new disconnect and 200 amp meter at road. ALl of that is 200 amp. It is up and running...
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    cellulose vs fiberglass

    As the title says, but which is better for blowing into an attic. I read one report that says fiberglass looses its efficiency at temps below zero where cellulose does not. A report that says cellulose absorbs moisture and becomes less effective where fiberglass does not. Of course assuming all...
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    slab cracking ?

    this past spring we poured a 6 inch slab on top of 2 inch ridged foam and 2" foam around the footings. Its for a 2 story garage which is built and weather tight, but not finished and not heated as of yet. ( well temp heat when IM trying to work out there.. space heater) the plan is for a heated...
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    frozen stink stack ?

    so me and the fam were gone for about 12 days. I got back 4 days before. we had a house sitter who only came to feed animals. Man the hose stunk when I got home. it was coming from the question.. I looked for rotting anything....teenage sons bedroom..but it smelt like sewer. Ill...
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    Fairbanks Electrician ?

    need some electrical work, a new 200 amp service to house, then split to 100 amp to house and 100 amp to new garage/apartment ( my new home). Only one meter, at 200 amp in to replace 100 amp service/meter in at power pole. the overhead power is 75 feet from house. house could use new panel ( has...
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    Anti-gel in space heater ?

    my son recently got an older Master space heater for while we are building. Uses kerosene or #1 heating oil as per label. 150000 btu. those torpedo looking things on wheels. when working it heats the shop fine, I think previous owner was using #2 oil or just regular diesel as when we started...
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    oil transfer pump ?

    with our new building addition, we had to move the oil tank, its now about 40 feet from driveway, slight uphill. The local oil delivery guys charge an extra 50 cents a gallon to deliver. that adds up fast with a 300 gallon tank. So we bought a few 55 gallon drums and a transfer pump from the...
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    broken trigger gaurd ruger american 30-06

    my son returned from hunting and he had broken the trigger guard on his rifle. Synthetic stock. From what he found out the only fix is to replace the entire stock for over 200 for a gun he paid 400 for. Anyone know of a different kind of fix, cheaper, like a screw on trigger guard ? Is this a...
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    another reason to fix my gun

    I live in the Fairbanks area, it is beautiful, calm, and have always met great people here. Howerver USA today just listed Fairbanks as the worst city in the USA to live. ( I don't agree) 2nd highest murder rate in country, 6th highest in property crime. Guess I better get my guns working...
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    glock 10 jam

    so not a discussion on if its a good enough gun....that's a can of worms so out at the range today, and had my newish 10mm glock, fired about 30 rounds, then switched to buffalo bore that I have a mag for "bears" and have not shot them before ...shoots one then jams. clear jam shoot another...
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    vacum pack

    so we ahve been vacum packing fish etc with one of those standard type vacum packers, less than 200 at stores. A neighbor said we should not waste our time wiht them and get a chamber vacum packer, but they are like 1000 at costco. Does it make that much diffeerence ?
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    want to try smoking

    have never smoked food that is. Would like to try, are those big chief and little cheif smokers any good. dont want to spend a lot right now. ..always cheap on craigslist .some of the best smoked turkey, ham,deer and fish I ever had was from a guy who had a fire pit with a pipe going up hill to...
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    roof underlayment

    so utting on my plywood this weeked and have spoken to two metal roofing contractors. Both recomend using the new synthetic underlayment over tar paper, ( I have 30 lb tar paper sitting here, that I will take back) one was pretty insistant that my first two rows be ice and water sheild , other...
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    upstairs heat oil vs LPG

    First thanks to all that have helped with my project so far. Trusses now rolled,, sheeting going on this weekend, metal going on in 2 weeks. so thinking ahead, my "living unit" will be upstairs ( garage below) and I wanted to do a toyo heater, but noticed most of those are gravity fed, so how...
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    overhang debate

    so on my eve ends I have a 18 inch overhang. on my gable ends I want to have 2 foot overhangs. Over the years I have heard outriggers and out looks both used to support the gable board (2x6). The debate comes in as one builder said I can run 2x4 on 4 foot centers to support the overhanging...
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    help roll trusses ?

    In Fairbanks, this weekend Friday the 26th and might go into Saturday. 24x28 on 2nd story. 7/12 pitch a friend that was going to help me and my son is going to be a no show. I am talking to another person in town. Maybe could use another to help was gong to be myself, my son, my 16 year old...
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    adjustable sea dog kicker motor mount

    my sons boat has a sea dog adjustable kicker motor its like this one, ,with muscle, you can move the kicker up and down. However when he got the boat he was told to never tow with the kicker mounted...
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    mercury dealer true ?

    So we have a boat that has been sitting at a shop , waiting on repairs. It has been there 2 weeks, I went to check on it yesterday and the service manager told me the parts were just ordered. I reminded him that last week on Monday he said the parts had been ordered and we would have it back by...
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    day hike groups in fairbanks ?

    as it asks, any day use hiking groups in fairbanks
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    any fly fishing clubs in fairbanks

    As title says, wondering if any fly fishing clubs in fairbanks area ? Kind of new to fly fishing. My son gave me a simms 5wt set up ( cheaper one) and my other son gave me a 9wt. Now just need to learn to use.