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  1. Ebbtide

    Grey Board

    Does anyone know if grey board is available in Anchorage or the valley? I'm not totally sure greyboard is what it is called. It is approx. 1/2 inch plywood covered with a fairly thick gray plastic/vinyl? I have seen it used mostly as flooring inside boat cabins. I tried the usual places like...
  2. Ebbtide

    Ideas for Downrigger Rockfish Release???

    Downrigger Release Downrigger Release I pick this one up at the Kodiak Customs booth at the Sportsman Show a couple years ago. Should work with a downrigger. Put downrigger clip on top and however much weight you need on the bottom. Ice pick is to show scale.
  3. Ebbtide

    Winter kings in seward?

    Do they exist. Did a search on this website and found very little. Doesn't look like the charter fleet advertises winter king charters. Anyone out there have some first hand knowledge?
  4. Ebbtide

    Any GC owners have defrosters plumbed in from their Espar?

    Just racking my brain trying to figure out how to plumb in some windshield defrosters without creating an eyesore. D4 is located on port side mid cabin. Pictures would be awesome if you have tackled this issue.
  5. Ebbtide

    Espar heater in Glacier Craft boats

    Spoke with a fellow GC owner a couple hours ago who had trouble with his Espar. He pulled his tank and found a lot of water in the kerosine presumably coming in through the vent. I have had inconsistent performance with mine. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't . It will usually light the...
  6. Ebbtide

    Lost: In Reach SE

    On the Denali Hwy probably near the parking lot on Sat March 5th. Please call if found. Marvin 907-632-1130
  7. Ebbtide

    Lost: In Reach SE on the Denali HWY

    Lost on Sat Mar 5th probably near the the parking lot. Please call 907-632-1130 if found. Thanks
  8. Ebbtide

    Petersville trail grooming?

    Just got back from riding in Petersville. Not surprised the snow was all very crusted and rough after the warm temps and rain. What did surprise me was the lack of/nonexistance of groomed trails. Did the state pull funding for the groomers or something?
  9. Ebbtide

    E-Z anchor Puller 25th Anniversary

    Just got an email from these guys today. [email protected] They are giving 250.00 off any anchor puller or free shipping untill 11/30 if any one has been thinking about getting one now may be the time. Below is the info. SAVE $250 On ALL Anchor Pullers Push...
  10. Ebbtide

    What boat supplies would you like more available ??

    Had 4 of these fabed up by a local welder a few years ago. They are awesome and are removeable except for the small tab that stays attached to the railing.
  11. Ebbtide

    WEST SIDE CLAMMING (since East is closed)

    Any charters doing trips to the West side of Cook Inlet for clams this season?
  12. Ebbtide

    Ebbtide Charters

    Here is a pic from today. Don't like posting pictures with people in them without permission. Here is a pic with no people in it.
  13. Ebbtide

    Last Week on the Denali

    Made an attempt to fill a caribou tag in unit 13 via the Denali Hiway. Saw about 50 carribou, 48 of them were in the no hunting zone on the West(Cantwell) end. The other 2 were around Clearwater Creek but were cows. Great trip though unsuccessful. Staying at Alpine Creek Lodge made it a...
  14. Ebbtide

    Little Waterfall Lake, Afognak

    Just fishing for any info on the above cabin. Also would like to attempt to hook up with the party coming out of the LWL cabin around Oct 13th 2012 to possibly split the charter out. I know its a long shot but it could save both parties about 325 bucks. Thanks
  15. Ebbtide


    I need to add some lights to my ski-doo expedition. I have been looking at the new LED light bars and single lights from a few mfg's. They are all pretty expensive and I am not sure how/where they would mount and do the most good. Anyone out there with them on and if so how/where did you...
  16. Ebbtide


    I picked up an old Winchester .338 and had it painted for My son's high school graduation. He got to pick out the camo scheme and here is what he chose. What a great way to spruce up your tired iron.
  17. Ebbtide

    Thru Hull Transducers

    Thinking about switching my transom mount transducer to a thru hull. Looking at the Airmar ss164 for furuno 1735. Anyone have any experience with these transducers?
  18. Ebbtide

    Fuel Overflow

    Is anyone else having this problem. 1. You fill the gas tank. 2. The temperature heats up. 3. Your boat starts dripping/running gas out the overflow. I know I could put less gas in the tank but how can you tell when you are 10 gallons from full? Is there some other answer? :banghead:
  19. Ebbtide

    Boat/member pic thread

    Here are some pictures of Ebbtide. 27 x 9'6" Glaciercraft with twin 150's. Delivered April 2008. Huh, wonder what she will get for her birthday this year?
  20. Ebbtide

    First Fox

    Got to watch my oldest son Alex take his first fox last week. He took it with a .17 hmr and dropped it on the first shot from about 75 yards. He was quite happy as this was about our 10th stalk this season and he finally connected. Dad was pretty proud of him too.