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  1. MaximumPenetration

    Report from the field.

    I brought home 14 gallons from my boat. The others didn’t bring home quite as much. The other guys math is not right. You know the area we shrimped. Running the math with his numbers for weight ratio of tails to whole shrimp, I calculate a 3.39 CPUE. I estimate last year I probably did a CPUE of...
  2. MaximumPenetration

    2018 K-Bay Crabbing

    Last year was absolutely fantastic for crabbing in K-Bay. After my first soak, every soak after never left me with less than double the number of keepers I needed and I usually had 7-8 permits on board for each pull. There were days I released 40+ keepers. This year has started out decent...
  3. MaximumPenetration

    2017 K-bay crabbing season

    And today, Oct 22...30 keepers, kept 18 for 6 permits. 35+ crab in the pot. Got checked by state parks right after releasing crab and cleaning up the pot. Really nice officer.
  4. MaximumPenetration

    2017 K-bay crabbing season

    We fished the opener on the 1st and let the pot soak for 5 hours. Came up with 22 tanners and 1 dungie. 9 tanners were keeper. We put the pot back out and pulled it on Tuesday the 3rd, had 55 tanners and 2 dungies. Over 35 of the tanners were keeper size (at least 15 were over 5.5" and a...
  5. MaximumPenetration

    What model seeker for saltwater salmon

    Hey guys, I'm curious if any of you are running Seeker rods for salmon trolling/downrigger/mooching and what models have you had the best success with. Thanks.
  6. MaximumPenetration

    Overnight Halibut Run out of Seward

    Last week 5 of us went out of Seward on my buddy's new to him 26 foot Pacific Explorer in search of a major halibut haul on an overnight trip. We decided ahead of time that we wouldn't keep anything over 150 pounds since we wanted high quality meat for the freezer. In total, we kept 20...
  7. MaximumPenetration

    Sport fishing daily limit question for Sockeye

    Does anybody know what the UCI management plan says about increasing the daily bag limit to 6 in the Kenai? What the in river escapement has to hit, etc. Thanks!
  8. MaximumPenetration

    Muddox, what a sad piece of equipment

    So, my hunting buddy shelled out 27k on a new muddox this year so we could go into some serious backcountry. Well, with 20 hours on it, the coupling from engine to hydraulic pumps failed. Luckily my buddy was only 3 miles off the road on a caribou hunt before our big moose hunt. So the Alaska...
  9. MaximumPenetration

    Current Kenai River fish counts

    Does anybody know where I can find the current Kenai River fish counts for late run Kings and Sockeye? I go to the website and it only has the early run king info and the sockeye info can only be accessed for 2010 or previous. This is the link I've been using...
  10. MaximumPenetration

    460 S&W hand load data

    I am hoping to get some load info from anyone who might be willing to share. I have recently purchased a brand new 460V Smith and Wesson and will be handloading 395 grain gas check Leadhead bullets for it. I am looking for minimum and maximum powder charges for H110 as I have heard 'lil gun is...
  11. MaximumPenetration

    Trim Pro 3 way cutter + Trim Pro Power Case Trimmer = Epic Win

    So I recently picked up the RCBS power case trimmer and the trim pro 3 way cutter and I have to say life is good. I full length sized and trimmed/chamfered/deburred 125 375 H&H magnum cases in about 35 minutes last night. After sizing a case, I would stick it in the trimmer and engage the...
  12. MaximumPenetration

    For all the Remington Model 700 haters

    My FFL got me a 375 H&H mag in Remington model 700 XCRII a couple months ago. I finally got out and shot it today. I was using handloaded 300 grain swift a-frames with 75 grains of H-4350 and federal 215 primers. The two pics show the first target I shot, .375" group (ironic eh?) at 100...
  13. MaximumPenetration

    Rotopax Gas Cans

    Does anyone know if someone in Anchorage or on the Kenai Peninsula carries Rotopax tanks and mounts?
  14. MaximumPenetration

    DM695 Advice

    I am hoping someone can help with some info. My uncle, cousin, and 2 other hunting partners drew the DM695 anterless tag. I am wondering if Little Delta River will be navigable 20-25 miles upriver with a 20 ft. Hewes craft jet boat during October. Can someone shed some light on this? BTW, it...
  15. MaximumPenetration

    Whittier Harbor

    I need some advice. A friend and I from Soldotna are going to head up to Whittier the weekend of the 22nd for some shrimping/rockfishing. I am bringing my family and we are going to be staying at the Anchor Inn in Whittier that Saturday night. I am curious if we are going to have to pull the...
  16. MaximumPenetration

    Moose Hunting Success

    So, we hunted the same area for the second year in a row and scored again. We took down 3 bulls the first 8 days of season. A 46" 2X2, 40" 3X3, and a spike bull. We hunt in an any bull area. We saw several other bulls but couldn't get shots off. Sadly for me (and I will probably get hammered...
  17. MaximumPenetration

    Need help with road conditions for coming Moose Hunt

    My buddies and I are going up from the Kenai area to outside Delta for a moose hunt in about 10 days. I am trying to find out if anybody has any information on the road conditions of the Tok Cut-off and the Richardson Hwy from outside Glenallen to Delta Junction. We are going to be towing a...
  18. MaximumPenetration

    Need help, question about locking straps

    I have seen several people post about moose care skinning/field dressing and I think twice I have seen mention of locking straps that allow people to lift a moose quarter with one hand. I am wonder what they are referring to with the "locking strap" and if someone could supply me with a picture...

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