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    Shed Head

    I have found a lot of sheds over the years but this was the first whole head. Not sure how he met his end but he was a bruiser. Had my blood pumping when I saw him laying in the grass from a distance only to realize there wasn't much left to eat.
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    DM830 best way in?

    Expand your search to DM828 if you haven't already - same trip just earlier. While it is a little more of a challenge don't rule Manley out if the river trip distance is a big problem - it saves you 100 miles. The "ramp" can be tricky but we have used it a lot of times for both fishing and...
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    Delta Bison

    Thanks Vern - we did see one of the critters you were looking for - it had a nice little necklace
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    Delta Bison

    First attempt to fill my daughters Delta Bison Tag - saw our first herd within 5 minutes of arriving. 2nd herd a couple hours later. Day 2 we had figured out what they were doing and after a couple hours watching she was able to take a nice cow. The weather was great and the Bison cooperative...
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    Big Bulls Derby & Raffle

    It took several years of work to change the law but Alaska now has a Derby for the Moose Hunters. The Derby is sponsored by the UAF Rifle Team and the Tanana Valley Sportsman's Association. This fall will be round 1 and with a lot of work it is coming together - in addition to prizes for the...
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    Moose retrieval

    Having the appropriate equipment can really expand where you are comfortable shooting a moose. In years past I would not have even considered shooting this moose - add a canoe and chainsaw capstan and a little swamp isn't even a 2nd thought. My daughter made a nice shot to put this one in the...
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    Not Impressed with Swarovski Repair time

    Sent in my Swarovski Binoculars to have the eye piece repaired. I had to make an online service request and they received them on 11/29/12 and didn't send them out until 1/16/2013. What they stated would be a really simple job sat there for over 6 weeks. This was past the initial return date...
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    22 Target Ammunition source / Shipping to Alaska

    I am sure this has been touched on before but I am looking for current information. Looking for a source to buy from or means to ship ammunition to Alaska. In need of a bulk supply of high quality 22 target ammunition for rifle team practice. Open for suggestions on the ammunition but looking...
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    Fairbanks area - Moose Leg bones

    If any successful Fairbanks Moose hunters are throwing away the leg bones after butchering I could use a few. (As long as they aren't rotten). We cut them up, cook them, and use them for dog treats throughout the winter. 4 labs go through a lot more bones than we get off a couple moose. If...
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    8/2/12 Chitina Reds abundant

    We fished for 6 hours on the morning of 8/2 and it was hot and heavy the whole time. 145 reds to fill the tags we had and it appeared everyone we could see was limiting out in short order. Have to love it when the fish are running strong - even if the weather is crappy.
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    Olympic Gold!

    Former UAF Shooter Jamie Gray set an Olympic Record while taking the Gold Medal in 3 Position Smallbore! Way to go Jamie!
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    Valdez White Meat!

    Managed a 2nd run to Valdez looking for some white meat fish. While the weather greatly limited the fishing time we managed to pick up a few. Some nice whale viewing and a little stream fishing as a bonus. Stopped at Chitina on the way home and picked up 145 Reds between 4 of us in 6 hours...
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    Finally Hit the Salt for some shrimping

    After a long spring and other obligations we finally hit Valdez for the July 4th week. Crappy cold weather, still lots of snow in north facing bays, but the water was calm, company was good, and the shrimp were hungry. 4th of July BBQ aboard the "Seaulater" was about the best eating you could...
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    Hunting Tune up - Keeping sharp

    Probably not the right forum for the post but it is a tune up for hunting. A nice day, 1000 rounds of 22 shells, and a dad to load magazines - what more could the girls ask for to relieve the stress with the school year winding down. Definitely a good time.
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    Help Butcher this!

    The other thread about packing got me to thinking - dangerous thing. This picture is of by far the worst butchering situation I have ever been involved with and I have done more than my share, you always remember the bad ones. I know how we handled it then and I definitely know what I would do...
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    Youth touching a pistol - Illegal?

    What is your take: I was in a local store today with intention of letting my daughter handle a small framed revolver and a small automatic trying to get some idea of which fit her better. She has put in her request for her graduation present and I need to narrow the choices down. I requested...
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    Air Rifle Championships!

    Where does a dad go to gloat when his daughter wins the Mid Alaska Air rifle championship finishing ahead of her sister (who tied for 3rd) by 4 points? Regional high school rifle championships started today at UAF with air rifle - smallbore match tomorrow. Hard to believe just how many kids...
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    Spotting Scope Options

    I have read numerous old posts about spotting scopes and collected quite a bit of information so please indulge me a couple questions about spotting scopes. The primary use would be hunting. Swarovski offers 65mm and 80mm scope - which would you prefer and why? They offer a straight and angled...
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    Leupold repair

    I bought a VariXlll from a guy off the forum for a good price last year. Finally decided to mount it on a rifle only to find out it wouldn't adjust horizontally. Off to Leupold with the scope - First time I had to send anything to them for warranty - Will see if they live up to the good...
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    Moose Processed plus some

    Been a busy week in the garage / butcher shop conversion. It sure is nice having the place and equipment to process the game. Just finished: • Smoked 25 pounds Red Bellies • Butchered remaining 12 Chickens • Butchered 2 medium sized moose • Made 25 pounds of Chorizzo • Made 25 Pounds of...

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