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    Name Change

    Anyone know how to go about name change??: Vikingo to Capt George password & e mail no problem, name change????????? Capt George
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    POW Fishing

    Anyone familiar with POW in general and Thorne Bay in particular? Fishing, hunting? gonna be movin there anyhow.... I'll be a great contact later down the road, like next year. thanx Capt. George
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    Right Fly Rod etc

    Any hints on a flyrod for just poking around the smaller streams on POW? weight etc? thanks Capt George
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    Shrimping for subsistance?

    Anyone know the ins and outs of shrimping on POW? How about crabbing/clamming? clammed and crabbed all my life in the N/E, NY to Cape Cod did some shrimping from the bridges down in the FL Keys.... Alaska, me, DUH! Capt. George
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    daylight hour chart?

    Anyone know where I can access a daylight month to month chart for POW/Ketchikan on the web.? been surfing to no avail?? thanks Capt George
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    Daylight/Dark Hours

    Is there some sort of chart I can access on the the hours of daylight on a month to month basis for Ketchikan/POW? Appreciate the help Capt George
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    POW Fishing??

    Just went through all 18 pages of postings, nothing to speak of re: POW Either AK is so big, that POW is just not in the picture, or the fishing there is less desireable then many other locations. Any views on this? Particular species not an issue with me, have caught from chubs to giant...
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    Is Garmin a good bet as a GPS unit in Alaska great everywhere else I've used it. Any info?? thanks Capt George
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    reading an awful lot about Vibrax... where what and when it really seems to be in heavy use. any particular color/size for different species? been fishing 55 years and still room to learn...did it all, I thought, not Alaska but I'm comin....end of this month Prince Wales
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    Vikingo to Prince Wales Islane in August

    I contacted my cousin, and found out his place in Alaska is on Prince Wales, he's down around el Capitan and Bear Valley Lodge. Any of you familiar with this location? I may either drive on my way to Baja, have to stop in Glendale AZ to pick up slide in anyway. I can either go NW or SW...I...
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    Newbie Alaska Bound

    A retired FDNY F/F live in Lake Wales FL & Punta Abreojos BCS MX Been fishing 50 yrs from Cape Cod MA toFL Keys and west to BCS. Been a charter Captain, Guide in the Keys, commercial pin hooker in the N/E Starting to slow down and enjoy fishing for fishings sake. Just got back into fresh...

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