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    How to zero the index marks on a VX-R Patrol

    I have this scope on a M&P 10. I have the rifle sighted in now how do I zero the index marks? It came with a very small allen wrench which fits the turrets as shown in the photos on Leupolds website but loosening it does not appear to affect anything...
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    Reloader 23

    Has anyone done any testing with RL 23 for temperature sensitivity? What were your results? Thanks
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    Shorten Oars?

    I have a set of Carlisle 10' oars. Can the handles be removed and the oars shortened then the handles placed back on? Thanks
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    700 BDL LA floorplate

    I'm looking for a Remington 700 BDL floor plate/trigger guard, long action. I don't need the magazine of follower. The rifle, a 30-06 shoots great and is in great condition except the current floor plate. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Snow amounts

    Could anyone give me a rough idea of the amount of snow at the following locations. Cantwell Denali hwy Susitna river bridge Paxson Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    New broadheads

    145 phathead, all steel, COC. Shoots right with my 145 FPs at 20 yards. I will be testing them at longer ranges later. VERY sharp, shaves out of the package, thus far the sharpest broadhead I've handled without some touching up. With the .080 thick blade it should be very durable. .080...
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    Where to find broadheads?

    Where in anchorage/valley area can I buy slick Trick broadheads? Thanks
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    Daughters Rem 700 Mountain LSS

    I just finished my daughters new stock and put it on her 30-06.
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    Rem 700 Age

    Anyone know how old this 700 BDL would be? Pre J lock. SN: A678XXXX Thanks
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    ATV Winch

    Where's the best (affordable) place in anchorage to get an atv winch? Thanks for suggestions.
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    Rdiculous, What do you think?

    It looks like some poor hunter walked into the wrong hotel. How else could he transport his rifles while traveling.
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    Unit 16

    I'm looking for any information on the denali national preserve (not the national park) boundary. Do the regulations change if you cross the boundary and if they do where do I find the regulations? Thanks in advance.
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    Water Filter Question

    When utilizing a water filter to prepare Mt. House meals, will the filter handle water that the salmon are spawned out and dieing in? The water normally smells pretty bad that time of year. Will the water filter take care of the odor or any taste issues? Thanks in advance.
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    Energy non crisis

    What do you think?
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    What we CAN DO about gas prices!

    Lets get our legislators to force the oil companies to provide for us the same price benefits other oil rich areas have provided to them. This would benefit ALL Alaskans, tourism, guiding, commercial fishing, trucking, food prices and even us locals who suffer through the winter. This would even...
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    Ruger 77 RSM 375 H&H?

    Does anyone know if and where I might buy a synthetic stock for a Ruger RSM 375 h&h? I have not been able to find anyone who makes them. Thanks
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    Gun Shows?

    Does anyone have any information on upcoming gun shows? Thanks, Al
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    Hunter and John P.

    I was hoping to contact these 2 gentlemen from the Fairbanks area. If your out there or anyone knows them I would like them to contact me at [email protected]. I did them a favor during their hunt and they did me one in return. Great guys, I would just like to say thanks and give them some info...
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    Sendero question

    Can anyone out there fill me in on the difference between the sendero vs the sendero II. Thanks
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    Ruger 77RSM 416 Rigby range report

    400 Nosler Part. RL22, F215M, 1.5-5 leupold 400 Kodiak RL22, F215M Has anyone used the 400 Nosler for hunting?

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